Deathloop: ESRB rating suggests violence, sex and drugs

Deathloop, the new title developed by Arkane Studios and due out in September on PC and PS5 (coming later also on other platforms), has been evaluated by the ESRB, and the commentary suggests strange implications of the presence of violence, sex and drugs.

After various postponements and countless trailers to present the game and its operation, the highly anticipated Deathloop is finally coming out a September. In view of its release, which will therefore take place particularly shortly, Deathloop has been evaluated dall’ESRB (i.e. the Entertainment Software Rating Board, i.e. the main evaluation system for the target audience of video games in North America), and the presence, among other things, of violence, sex and drugs. Although this news is not particularly surprising, the summary that has been published is curious to see on the official website. Let’s see it below!

Deathloop: here is the summary of the ESRB evaluation, explaining what we will see in the title between sex, violence and drugs

On the official website of ESRB, in addition to the official evaluation (which, in Deathloop’s case, is “Mature”, i.e. recommended for people aged 17 or over), we can find an official comment, which in this case turned out to be curious in some references and quotes. Clearly it will be violence and drug use, but we never expected to see how example quoted sentence “He looks like an overly engineered autoerotic asphyxiator… who will also make a lot of smoke. It will get us high ”. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but it might have implications on plot and gameplay, touching on issues that we do not expect. In the following paragraph you can see the translation of the full text.

Deathloop: ESRB rating suggests violence, sex and drugs

This is a first person shooter where players follow the story of two assassins trapped in a mysterious time loop on a fictional island. Both characters must assassinate key figures to break or protect the cycle. Players use machetes, pistols and sniper rifles to kill human enemies through stealth, hand-to-hand and ranged combat. The fights are often frenetic, with frequent gunshots, screams of pain, explosions and blood effects. Some weapons and attacks can decapitate or dismember enemies. The films describe further cases of extreme violence: in one section, the protagonist is repeatedly stabbed; we can also see characters hit in the head from close range. During one sequence, a character is seen in a room while sexual moans are heard. Characters sometimes refer to drugs and take drugs (for example, “He looks like an over-engineered autoerotic asphyxiator … Who will also make a lot of smoke. He’ll get us high.”). Words like “fan *** o”, “st **** o” and “m *** a” appear in the game.

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