Deathloop: gameplay details and DualSense support revealed

The highly anticipated Deathloop developed by Arkane Studios, arriving in a few months, is back to reveal new gameplay details: between “reprise”, “periods” and support for DualSense, let’s see in detail what it is.

In order to finally get your hands on Deathloop unfortunately we will have to wait a few more months. In the meantime, however, here are new details on the title developed by Arkane Studios: in addition to the myriad of trailers that have been released so far, a new article has recently been published on the PlayStation blog that delves into various aspects related to its gameplay, explaining some mechanics. of game. In the article we talk about called gameplay mechanics “Reprise”, “time periods” and DualSense support PS5: let’s see below what they mean and what we should expect in Deathloop.

The various gameplay mechanics and support for Deathloop’s DualSense

Creative director Dinga Bakaba first of all wanted to distinguish the game from the classic rogue-lite. As specified in the article, “some elements” can be transferred between one loop and another, but death is not definitive. Instead, gods will be awarded “reprise”, which in essence they will give three times the chance to continue after death. The condition to be respected is only one: you will have to find the corpse of your body.

Also, while the story doesn’t really unfold in real time, there are four “Time periods” that modify the activities, the stories, and in general your approach in the various districts. It may also happen that depending on the period your target is in different areas. You can switch between time periods from the quick menu, but this may lead to some impact, both positive and negative. An example would be saving a character who can later unlock access to a new area.

Deathloop: gameplay details and DualSense support revealed

Other important gameplay elements discussed in this Deathloop article are the Slab, which offer the player unique abilities, i Trinket, or upgrade for your weapons, a tool for hack turrets and especially support for DualSense. With the title being a PS5 exclusive for a year after launch, Deathloop will take full advantage of DualSense. For example, if the pistol gets jammed, the adaptive trigger of the controller will lock, physically preventing you from shooting. When you run out of ammo, the special effect of the trigger when firing will disappear: not only then you will notice this visually via the on-screen HUD, but also by touch. Each single weapon will also have a slightly different feel to the others.

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