Hydro PTM PRO 850 W review: the power supply you don’t expect

In this article we will see the review of the 850 W Hydro PTM PRO, a surprising power supply from many points of view

Always TechGameWorld.com in its buying guides, build guides or simply in the answers to your comments, repeats a mantra that any enthusiast knows: you can try to save by making a PC build, but there are some elements on which it is not possible to do so ! For example, you should never save on a power supply or heatsink in favor of a more powerful CPU or GPU. PC health is far more important than a few extra FPS.

After the due lecture, we can begin to see why this Hydro PTM PRO 850 W could be a more than valid choice within your PC.

Packaging and aesthetics | Hydro PTM PRO 850 W review

The Hydro PTM PRO 850 W power supply comes with a very informative package. In fact, on the box we find, in addition to the classic photo of the PSU, a series of notions that will immediately make it clear that we will find in the package.

The information shown is obviously on the wattage, on the silence functions but also dedicated to the type of capacitors mounted on the object. Obviously, the certification that in this case bears the 80 Plus platinum logo cannot be missing.

The power supply is satin black and has the full logo on both sides. On the top we find the Hydra logo in the center and the Hydra PTM writing on one corner.

Inside the package the attention to detail is denoted also thanks to the fabric bag that contains two series of complete cables held together by a velcro tape.

In order not to miss anything Hydra also provides us with an additional cardboard package, reminiscent of the CD holder, containing two series of stickers that can be affixed to the power supply. The first series (both of two stickers) is red in color and features a stylized dragon reminiscent of the MSI symbol. The second series instead draws a tribal using the green and white colors.

On the back, in addition to the classic on-off button, we find one called ECO. The ECO button will allow us to consume less energy if not necessary and to obtain greater silence.

Let’s get to know this PSU better | Hydro PTM PRO 850 W review

Before continuing with the review of the Hydro PTM PRO 850 W, let’s find out in detail.

  • Template: HPT2-850M
  • Power: 850W
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • 80 PLUS certification: Platinum
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Input current: 11-5.5A
  • Input frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Efficiency: ≥ 92%
  • Dimensions: 150 x 190 x 86 mm

Inside the fabric bag we find the following cables:

  • ATX 20+4 (x1)
  • 4+4 PIN (x3)
  • PCI-E 6 + 2 (x8)
  • SATA (x14)
  • Molex (x5)
  • Floppy (x1)

As for the number of cables made available, we are really full.

Usage and functionality | Hydro PTM PRO 850 W review

We have tested this PSU on multiple platforms with different processors and different VGAs. In no case have we encountered any problems, however the reference test bench will be the following.

As mentioned, the load has always been well supported by the power supply even during the various stress tests to bring the use of the PSU to the maximum allowed. The current draw has always been well managed and the dissipation has always been flawless as well.

Japanese-type capacitors certainly play a fundamental role in the ecosystem. Capacitors that can handle a very high maximum temperature of 105 degrees centigrade. However, the three-layer system in which the PCBs are enclosed should not be underestimated, which guarantees the possibility of blocking dust but above all humidity up to 95%.

In addition to the capacitors, it is also important to know the system adopted by FSP which mounts copper bars between the main and secondary boards. In this way it is possible to guarantee an always perfect output voltage with a discrepancy of +/- 1% even with different loads.

Furthermore, we cannot fail to mention the various protection systems put in place by this Hydro PTM PRO 850 W. We are faced with a rich ecosystem that boasts an important series of protections such as: OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection) , OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

The whole thing is cooled by a rather generous 135mm fan able to maintain a really important silence.

Who should buy this power supply?

Net of a slightly high price, but still competitive for the offer, we would like to recommend this power supply to anyone who needs additional protection. The extreme humidity function could come in handy for composing PCs that are often kept in boxes. But, more generally, anyone who needs a good power supply and is not afraid to spend a few dollars more for the security of their PC should consider purchasing this product.

In this review we have seen the intermediate cut but I remember that in the same series there are different wattage cuts. The 10-year warranty is also not to be underestimated!

If you are interested you can buy this power supply from Amazon.com or on the official website.

Points in favor

  • 10 year guarantee
  • Top reliability and safety
  • Packaging completo
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