Deathloop: update online, still problems on PC

Deathloop has had some stuttering issues since launch on PC, but it seems that these have not yet been fixed by the Arkane Studios team, even after the release of the new update.

Deathloop, the all-new PS5 timeline exclusive created by the team behind the Dishonored series, has finally made its way to gamers’ consoles and PCs. As happens with every game at launch, Deathloop has also received an update with the aim of fixing some of the major problems encountered by users, especially by people who play on PC.

What the Deathloop update on PC fixes

There was an issue on Steam that was preventing players to be able to unlock achievements, but the new update should have fixed the situation. Additionally, those subject to crashes on Deathloop will now receive a more detailed error message. This will inform those who do not have a processor capable of meeting the minimum game requirements. It will also be indicated if by chance the player, or perhaps some third party program, has disabled some extensions necessary to make the title work.

Deathloop: update online, still problems on PC

But there is still something Arkane Studios failed to fix: in fact, even after the recent Deathloop update, PC players continue to have problems of stuttering. The development team stated that they are looking for the causes along with a possible way to solve the thing, but until this happens, invites users to help with the construction of a resolutive patch, reporting the problem via a ticket to be sent to the service clients.

Therefore, it seems that the players will have to wait again another update before you can enjoy the game to its fullest extent on PC. In the meantime, visit our website for more articles on Deathloop, and check out Instant Gaming to find the game at a discounted price.

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