Defender 130 Land Rover off-road with 8 seats arrives on the market

Land Rover Defender 130, svelato ufficialmente il fuoristrada di lusso per famiglie numerose thumbnail

Land Rover Defender 130 in a modern and much more “civilized” version for 2022, was officially unveiled after the teasers a few days ago. The car is completely new, but still draws a lot from the legacy left by its forefather. Land Rover Defender 130 is an “extended” version compared to the “classic” Defender, but it does not lose its DNA to be able to tackle even the most difficult terrains without problems. However, it has some extras that aren’t available in other versions.

Land Rover Defender 130 carries up to eight passengers

What’s new in the Defender 130 palette? First, a much larger cabin that can accommodate up to eight people. The seats were arranged in one 2 + 3 + 3 configuration. It should be noted that the passengers seated in the back row are by no means “sacrificed”: in fact they have a fourth separate air conditioning zone and rather large side windows.

Land Rover Defender 130 trunk

Alternatively, after folding the second and third row backrests, you can carry a truly massive load, because the trunk increases to over 2,000 liters. The trunk capacity also looks good, with the 2nd row left inserted you have 1,232 liters of space. With all three rows of seats upright, the boot capacity drops to 389 liters.

The Defender 130 comes standard with air suspension, Cabin Air Plus air cleaner and a larger 11.4-inch touchscreen. There are more novelties in the cabin, including natural light oak veneer. The “130” also has an extended Bright package with lower body parts painted in Ceres Silver Satin and a new Sedona Red color reserved for this model.

Land Rover Defender 130 005 1250x603 1

Four engines to choose from

The new version of the British SUV will be available with four engines: two petrol (P300 and P400) and two diesel (D250 and D300). All units are 3-liter six-cylinder engines with a ‘soft’ hybrid system. The weakest engine (D250) has 250 hp and accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds. The most powerful (P400), thanks to 400 HP, sprints to “one hundred” in just 6.6 seconds.

Land Rover Defender 130 is now available with prices starting at 89,300 Euros. And to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Land Rover donated to the Crown a 130 with special equipment for the operational use of the British Red Cross.

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