Firefox 101 update: ready for download

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Firefox 101 download is available from today. The update of the new version is ready to be downloaded by users

Mozilla (here for more info) has just released the new one Firefox 101 update. This new version of Firefox browsers is already available to all users on all supported desktop platforms and they can download it right away. An official announcement about what’s new in this update has yet to be released, but on the other hand, based on the existing beta and the nightly builds that Mozilla has released previously, we can already know what to expect.

Throwback with the Firefox 101 update

Without a doubt, the biggest change in this update is the return to tradition. in fact we will rediscover the experience of download which was removed with the introduction of Firefox 97. At that point, Mozilla moved on to what many considered an modern download. With users who no longer see the dedicated prompt when downloading files from the Internet. In theory, this experience was supposed to be much simpler, with a similar system already being used in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge e altri browser.

But what about the Mozilla users, the new system was not very well received. And that’s why Mozilla has decided to bring back the old experience to users with the release of Firefox 101although this time around the company is actually providing more choices.

Firefox 101 update: ready for download


In the new version of Firefox, users won’t just choose to automatically save files to their device. in fact, they will also be able to see the download request each time they try to download a file. Also, the new version of Firefox includes many fixesbut of course Mozilla will detail them all in the release notes when they are ready.

Meanwhile, users can manually download Firefox 101 on your devices. Although, it is expected that the rollout automatic with the engine of integrated update in the next few hours. If nothing else, the first revision for this version is expected to launch next week.

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