Deltarune: Toby Fox wants to publish the remaining chapters together

No megalomania, but only humble determination: Toby Fox aims for the simultaneous publication of the remaining three chapters of Deltarune

Despite the solo publication of the second episode Toby Fox, the creator of Deltarune, he said he wanted to aim at the simultaneous publication of the remaining chapters. The author has unbuttoned himself on the official website of the game, following the aforementioned and unexpected release of the second part. Although the initial plan was to release the rest of the game only after its completion, Fox noted that “running a lot of time without a release is difficult for fans and creators alike.” In addition to this consideration, we also know that the second chapter will be the last of the shareware stage.

The advances of Toby Fox on the next chapters of Deltarune

In fact, it will be with the remaining chapters of Deltarune that Toby Fox will officially “ask players to buy” his work. The price of episodes 3, 4 and 5 is still unknown, but the price will be higher than the fifteen threshold required by Undertale. The money saved by fans, according to Fox, would be better spent supporting indie developers by purchasing their games. And if the players expressly aim to support him, nothing prevents them from buying the soundtracks of both Undertale and Deltarune from his Bandcamp profile. Below is the actual declaration on the matter.

Deltarune: Toby Fox wants to publish the remaining chapters together

After comparing the free release of the second episode to the prey that a cat leaves us at the door, Fox reiterated how these games “are not usually free”. In the course of the post, above you can see two excerpts, the developer also shed light on the complications in creating Deltarune. Compared to Undertale, in fact, the game benefits from new, more complex platforms. This also leads to more ambition in graphics and storyline, but it also involves longer timelines than waiting for the previous game. To this, therefore, we also owe the increased price of the next three episodes.

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