Technology to help in household cleaning

Household cleaning has always taken time and effort away from people who perhaps would prefer to spend time doing something else. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue of modern housewives with many interesting solutions to simplify and accelerate home care

Household cleaning has always been a manual operation. In fact, domestic environments are very complex, frequented by people and fragile objects. According to a survey conducted by Panasonic and ICM on 5,000 people, about 3 and a half a week are spent on housekeeping. If we also consider other chores related to the domestic sphere such as going shopping, ironing or taking care of the garden, the time goes up to 12 hours a week. Really many, it comes to 26 days a year. Practically as if a worker spent his holidays cleaning the house. But fortunately there are many devices that can help with house cleaning nowadays and they are very accessible if you know where to look for example at Mediaworld offers or other large electronics store chains.

Goodbye vacuum cleaner in house cleaning

Until a few years ago the vacuum cleaner was an inevitable tool in the closets of our homes and who knows how many times our mothers disturbed us early in the morning with that annoying buzz. Well, perhaps the vacuum cleaner will soon retire. At least as we know it. Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more advanced and powerful in recent years. Not only do they move around the house, but they also manage to choose the optimal path for cleaning, recognizing different surfaces and recharging automatically. Electric motors are becoming more and more compact, but with a high suction power that allows dirt to be effectively removed. In practice, you can sit comfortably in the chair and leave the robot to do the dirty work.

But that is not all. In fact, robot vacuum cleaners still have many weaknesses. But what’s the thing we hate most about traditional vacuum cleaners, after the noise? The weight and the thread that greatly limit usability. That’s why cordless vacuum cleaners are taking up more and more space in homes and shop shelves. Small, light and practical, they allow you to move in total freedom and pass easily even over furniture and in corners. Even if you use them like a traditional vacuum cleaner, cordless ones allow you to save a lot of time thanks to more freedom.

Technology to help in household cleaning

A hand washing dishes

Modern dishwashers are very advanced appliances. Thanks to numerous customizable programs you can remove different types of dirt from the dishes and obtain brilliant results. Some features also allow you to connect your smartphone to know in advance how much detergent is left. However, very often you avoid using the dishwasher because making it work half empty is a big waste of water and energy, although the newer models are very efficient. Well, there are some on the market miniature dishwasher that accommodate the dishes used by a family of 4-5 people and wash them very quickly. So in the evening you can enjoy a good movie rather than bending over the sink.

Technology to help in household cleaning

Wash clothes without worries

Smart washing machines are a great invention to save time and effort. The idea is that of make life easier for people which only have to indicate the characteristics of the load of laundry to be washed and that’s it. The washing machine alone will be able to dose the detergent, select the temperature and the duration of the wash. All programmable obviously from the smartphone. The anti-crease functionality and quick washes they also save a lot of time. You can know exactly when the washing machine will finish its job so that you can dedicate yourself to other household cleaning without leaving the clothes in the drum too long to avoid creases.

Technology to help in household cleaning

In addition to being intelligent, the new appliances are also very efficient and allow you to save a lot of money on your bills that you can use in your spare time just saved in housekeeping. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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