DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Logos for everyone

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker  Logos for everyone

Let’s find out how to create a logo in a few steps with DesignEvo Free Logo Maker, web based software that is aimed at those who have never had contact with the world of vector and raster graphics. We tested it for you in this review!

If you are trying to create a logo for your business you will have realized that it is not an easy operation. You need to have knowledge of specific programs or hire a professional. This poses a serious problem for many start-ups and companies, which find themselves facing high costs, from the point of view of time or monetary expenditure, even before starting their activities. A logo is of primary importance and cannot be done without. Fortunately, today there are also free alternatives to have one available. We have tested Designevo’s logo creation solution for you, we will describe it to you below!

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Review: Simple and functional interface

Let’s start by saying that DesignEvo Free Logo Maker is a web based application designed for the creation of logos through an online interface accessed from the browser. This is a great solution for all those people who are not familiar with vector editing. The idea behind this web app is precisely to make life simple for all those users who have never interacted with the way of editing. The interface offers many solutions already preconfigured, which can then be easily customized. There are several categories that offer pre-configured logos ready to be customized. In every sector you have the impression of having an infinite choice, and above all you can immediately see a reasonable preview of the finished logo. Not bad really, because like this it is possible to create a logo even without having a clear idea of ​​what you want!

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<h2 style=DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Review: Lots of Choice

Once the logo format has been chosen, in addition to indicating the company name and a slogan, it will be possible to add several additional details. But let’s go in order. It starts with a customization of the logo icon if you do not like that of the chosen format with the possibility of modifying its proportions, colors and opacity. In practice, you can manage each character of the icon in a simple and immediate way. The text of our logo will benefit from different fonts. The fonts are divided into two categories, “Classic” and “Art”. Once the font has been chosen, the colors can also be chosen for the text. Beyond that they are present all the classic text formatting options of a professional text editor. There is no limit to the text boxes offered, you can totally customize the arrangement and the number of text boxes present.

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<p style=In case you run out of ideas, you can also get some good options by following the tips of the free slogan apps guide offered by Designevo! Continuing in the customization we can see the presentation of a box called “shape”. This allows you to insert within our logo badges, decorations, lines, solid shapes, geometric shapes, banners and proprietary symbols. This is an option to make the logo even more personal and underline its features according to our personal taste. Finally we come to the customization of the background. This offers a set of predefined solid colors and an unlimited palette of gradient colors that we can customize ourselves. Last but not least, the possibility to choose the resolution to work on. One more card to get a job of the right resolution for our applications!

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Review: Competitive Plans

We can see how the options for downloading the logo are different depending on the target for which we are going to use the logo itself. The work done in this web app can be saved without time limits, allowing us to download it at different resolutions later. It is totally free to download a 500x500px version (enough for almost all uses), while for more resolute versions, two paid plans are available.

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<p style=The basic plan allows you to download a high resolution PNG logo of the logo, and have support for an infinite number of modifications of the same. With the plus package it will also be possible to access the logo vector file as well as downloading the fonts and purchasing the Copyright of the logo itself. The proposed prices are really low, much lower than buying the logo from a professional or creating the logo in DIY (which has high costs in terms of time, as well as for the purchase of software licenses).

DesignEvo Free Logo Maker Review: The best way to create logos

In summary, DesignEvo Free Logo Maker is the best way to create logos if you are not an expert in the sector. A few simple steps, and a zero IT knowledge required are the strong point of this solution. The presence of a support, and the added value of a very low cost, for the basic and plus packages, make it DesignEvo Free Logo Maker even more attractive than it was already initially even just for the features offered! If you need to create a logo quickly and on a low budget, this is it the right solution to all your problems!

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Points in favor

  • Within everyone’s reach
  • Download gratis logo 500x500px
  • Basic and Plus packages price
  • Extensive customization

Points against

  • Italian language not available