Destiny 2: 30 Years Pack will not be removed anytime soon

While waiting for the arrival of the new expansion, Bungie has published a package on Destiny 2 to celebrate the 30 years of existence of the studio. According to the director’s statements, this package will not be removed in the short term

While waiting for the new big expansion of Destiny 2 to be released (or The Queen of Whispers, arriving on February 22, 2022), Bungie released, last December, a package to celebrate the 30 years of existence of the studio. This pack was appreciated by the community, as it contains a new dungeon, some cosmetic items and access to various weapons such as the Gjallarhorn. Recently, faced with some concerns from the community, the director intervened on Twitter to explain that no removal of the package is planned in the short term.

Destiny 2: why are there concerns about the 30 years package?

With the launch of the new expansion, and then the introduction of Year 5, Bungie has announced that it will introduce a system called Destiny Content Vault, through which all old Destiny 1 and 2 content will be archived to incentivize players to play games. new content. Precisely for this reason, players immediately wondered if the Destiny 2 30 pack would be immediately included in the Content Vault. In this regard, Joe Blackburn, director of Destiny 2, spoke on Twitter to explain that they have no intention of removing the package in the short term.

This clearly does not mean that in the less near future there is a possibility that the 30-year package will end up in the Content Vault or be removed in general. However, such a statement is certainly reassuring, as it will allow players to access additional content for a little while longer.

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