Destiny 2: the Aurora returns with the season of Seraphim!

INNO DAY: OPPO svela le nuove tecnologie

Baking gjallard treats for Zavala is like playing with snow! The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 with the Season of Seraphim. Let’s find out all the details

Today the free event of the Aurora come back upstairs Destiny 2 to bring joy and happy holidays to all Guardians. Eva Levante arrives again at the Tower to help players churn out delicious sweets prepared with dubious ingredients. Until January 2, Guardians will be able to participate in the event of Aurora by spreading the festive spirit and distributing sweets (rather questionable in taste) throughout the system.

Destiny 2: Aurora and Christmas atmosphere

Thanks to the event card, in this year’s Aurora in Destiny 2 it will be possible to complete challenges to unlock various rewards including an Exotic Wraith emblem, shader, and shell. Players will also be able to upgrade their event card for silver to unlock another Exotic Specter Shell, Exotic Sparrow, new emote, and more. For those who do not want to miss anything of the event, by completing all the challenges of the event card you will get the title and the seal of Stellar Pastry.

In addition to taking advantage of the snowballs from stasis in the clashes, it will be possible to continue the search for ingredients with the new PR7 Coldblood Legendary Pulse Rifle. During the Dawning, the Eververse Emporium will offer additional cosmetic items, including new armor ornament sets for each class. Finally, players will be able to participate in the Moments of Triumph event, available throughout the Season of Seraphim, and thus prepare for the next expansion, Destiny 2: The Eclipse, arriving on February 28th. We add that the official page of the event will be online starting at 18:00 today.

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