Destiny 2: the Guardian Games are back once again

Destiny 2: the Guardian Games are back once again

Bungie and Activision recently announced that the Destiny 2 Guardian Games will be back once again

It’s been a long time since the launch of Destiny 2, but despite this the title still continues to be played a lot. This is due both to the quality of the title and to the many additional content ed events that continue to keep players busy. In fact, very recently Bungie e Activision have announced the return of the Guardian Games, a free Destiny 2 event to be held from 20 April to 9 May.

Get ready to carry your class banner aloft

After establishing a truce with Caiatl, empress of the cabals, the leader of the Vanguard Zavala lifts spirits and raises class banners, kicking off the competition. Hunters, sorcerers and titans will face each other in challenges of courage, skill and determination. Such challenges will allow to obtain laurels from Eva Levante, as the contender’s cards and triumphs are completed during the Guardian Games. Each week will be announced the best class.

Guardians will be able to earn various rewards during the Guardian Games, such as the exotic machine gun Legitimate Heir and its catalyst, an exotic goshawk, legendary class items (one per class), two emblems and a couple of shaders. Eververse will offer a new set of universal decorations Guardian Games featuring classy glow-in-the-dark items (one per class), a new Legitimate Heir decor, exotic sports-themed emotes, and more.

Bungie Rewards will also be available to those who complete the introductory enterprise, thus unlocking the jacket of the Guardian Games. The players participating in the closing ceremony of the Guardian Games will also be able to unlock one gold brooch celebrating the winning class.

The podium step earned at each ceremony will reward Guardians with an aura of gold, silver or bronze which will last until the following weekend. The winning class will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Games of the Guardians of 7-9 May.

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