devolo: open-air home cinema without interruption to follow the Azzurri

With the tools made available by devolo we will be able to enjoy the final of the European Football Championships outdoors, in the garden without fear of losing the connection or the quality of the signal.

The current emergency has changed our habits: from work, to school, to sport. The pandemic has also changed the way of living the home, which must be increasingly able to meet new housing needs with a reinterpretation of domestic spaces: the internal rooms of the houses have become multifunctional, while gardens and balconies have been transformed into ever more welcoming spaces, so as to spend as much time as possible in the open air. Real places of relaxation set up with plants and flowers, grills for family barbecues but also projectors or TV screens to watch a film or the final of the European Championships in the open air.

devolo: open-air home cinema without interruption to follow the Azzurri

devolo: cinema or outdoor stadium

Not just the living room: a large television or a screen with a projector Wi-Fi it can transform, in a few moments, your garden or the balcony of your home into a private “outdoor cinema” or a “football stadium”. This year in particular, which saw limited spectator participation in stadiums, most fans supported European teams from home setting up outdoor cinemas with ad hoc projector screens not to lose the magic of the football show. In addition to the screen, however, it is important to foresee un stable internet connection not to miss a moment, perhaps the decisive one, of the match – especially if it is the final, with the Azzurri on the pitch!

How to bring the internet to the garden

Usually, a traditional router / Wi-Fi it does not have the range necessary to hold a link from inside the house to the outside. A simple and practical solution is the Powerline adapters, smart devices that use the existing power line for data transmission and that can be installed in any power outlet. The only caveat is that the device must be protected from water and direct sunlight, therefore it is preferable to install it indoors and if possible in the immediate vicinity of the balcony or garden door.

devolo: open-air home cinema without interruption to follow the Azzurri

devolo Mesh Wi-Fi 2 – the ideal device for the home network

The new Powerline solutions, such as i kit Mesh WiFi 2 di devolo – German Wi-Fi specialist, offer numerous benefits thanks to smart mesh functions. Especially when there are several Wi-Fi adapters in the same house, the devolo device fully demonstrates its strengths: for example, mobile devices are always automatically connected to the most powerful access point, allowing users to safely move around the house. Band steering, beamforming and airtime fairness ensure stable and fast Wi-Fi reception.

Also, thanks to multi-user MIMO, multiple Wi-Fi terminal devices can be quickly and simultaneously connected to the network. This allows Wi-Fi to work properly even when the whole family is connected at the same time, giving children the opportunity to watch their favorite show or enjoy an online game, while the rest of the family can safely watch the game. football.

devolo: open-air home cinema without interruption to follow the Azzurri

Plug and play

The devolo Mesh WiFi 2 kit can be set up in a few moments with great simplicity: just plug a devolo adapter into a socket near the router and plug it into the cable, plug the second adapter into a power outlet in the area where a faster connection is needed and, thanks to the automatic “pairing” function, the adapters connect automatically and, in an instant, ready to use. You can manage all settings from theApp Home Network, available for free for iOS and Android, and configure the Wi-Fi also for guests who, with a simple click, can access the menu item and scan the displayed QR code, thus automatically enabling the use of Wi-Fi.

devolo: open-air home cinema without interruption to follow the Azzurri

Price and availability

devolo Mesh WiFi 2 is available in two variants:

  • it Starter Kit, with two adapters, for the price of 249,90 euro (VAT included)
  • the Multiroom Kit, with three adapters for those who need to cover larger living spaces, at the price of 369,90 euro (VAT included).

All devices are fully compatible with the products of serie devolo Magic and with all routers. devolo offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all products.

That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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