Genshin Impact: presented version 2.0 which will include the region of Inazuma

The famous free-to-play Genshin Impact is ready for the new update that will introduce the awaited region of Inazuma

Today MiHoYo presented the new update of Genshin Impact, which will finally see the debut of the awaited region of Inazuma. This region, inspired by Japanese culture and folklore, will debut next July 21 on all platforms on which the free-to-play title is currently available. A five-minute trailer summarizes all the news that we will see within the 2.0 version of the game, which will include new enemies and above all several new characters including two expected five stars from the new region.

Genshin Impact presents the news of the Inazuma region

In version 2.0 of the Genshin Impact The Inazuma region will finally be introduced, a place that has been talked about for a long time, which will also carry on the main story of the game. In the new patch arriving on July 21, however, they will only be introduced three of the six islands that make up this new region, a sign that the history linked to this place will continue in new future patches. Despite this there will be a lot to explore in these new lands, including puzzles, new enemies and unprecedented powers for our main character. In fact, the or the protagonist will now be able to use the powers related to electricity, the dominant element of the Inazuma region, in addition to those of the wind and earth already available.

There will also be new boss battles, such as the Pyro Hypostasis and new military constructs. Inazuma will also be able to conquer fans for the beautiful landscapes that we can see in the trailer. The lands dominated by the Shogun are in fact very suggestive and captivating. From the first information on the history, we also discover that a conflict is about to break out in these lands. Due to the Edict of the Shogun, which prohibits anyone from using their vision, an array of rebels not happy with the iron fist that now exists in the lands of Inazuma. Our (or our) protagonist will be involved in these events that will upset the lands of Inazuma.

Finally, new characters are also coming in the next Banner of the title. In version 2.0 there will be two 5-star and one 4-star characters: the first is Kamisato Ayaka, daughter of the head of the Yashiro commission under the orders of the Shogun. The young woman fights with a sword and uses her vision of the ice element through her fan. The second 5-star character is instead Yoimiya, a fire element archer who is a master of fireworks. The four-star character will be instead Sayu, a ninja who fights with a claymore and uses the wind element.

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