Wuben C3: Waterproof rechargeable LED flashlight with USB-C

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For explorers and daredevils, the Wuben C3 LED flashlight is a very useful tool. In addition to the high output, the lamp is waterproof and can be recharged via USB-C

If you love the cave and forest explorations or night walks, certainly a LED flashlight like this Wuben C3 will be very useful. LED flashlights are very compact, yet powerful: a device 10 cm long and weighing a few grams can easily illuminate a path several meters away. Contrary to filament or halogen torches which are large, heavy and often tend to overheat, they also tend to be dangerous to use in the woods.

Wuben C3: Waterproof rechargeable LED flashlight with USB-C

Wuben C3: waterproof LED flashlight with USB-C charging

This Wuben C3 LED flashlight has all the features you could want for this type of product. The maximum brightness is 12oo lumens thanks to the lamp LED OSRAM P9 German quality and 2600mAh battery can guarantee several hours of operation. According to the FL1 standard, the battery life at different regimes are: high (2.9 hours), medium (3.5 hours) and low (8.5 hours). With environmental protection (143 hours). It must be said that the cold could reduce the duration. Then there are the strobe and SOS modes.

The flashlight is made of high quality aluminum alloy, 1.5 meters impact resistant, IP68 certified waterproof, dustproof, non-slip. So there is no problem using it under bad weather or in the middle of the desert. Thanks to USB-C port, WUBEN C3 can be quickly recharged via cable in about 3 hours. It can also be recharged via a power bank to ensure continuous operation even if we do not have a power outlet available.

The LED flashlight is made with a small pocket size design. It measures approximately 12 cm in length and weighs only 120 grams. WUBEN C3 is so compact that it fits well in your hand and fits easily in your pocket. It is also equipped with a clip and a lanyard that make it very comfortable to carry with us in any condition. Even taking her with us every day, she won’t bother us. She can be used on a variety of occasions, including hiking, adventures, dog walking, night fishing.

Wuben C3: Waterproof rechargeable LED flashlight with USB-C

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