DIRT 5: Cross-play coming in the May update

In spring, everyone plays together: with the May update, DIRT 5 joins the large family of cross-play games

That of cross-play should be the norm for any self-respecting cross-platform game, and theMay update of DIRT 5 it also carries the Codemasters driving title into the future. Cross-platform multiplayer is therefore coming, but the name of this new version would seem to allude more to something else. On the other hand, with an update entitled Red Bull Revolution, being able to play with friends on other consoles isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The presence of the logo of the well-known drink, however, is not even the last of the pleasant and welcome additions present.

The May update: DIRT 5, towards cross-play and beyond

The cross-play and the advertising agreement with Red Bull are therefore not the only extras of this latest update of DIRT 5. We also have new features, such as the climatic variations. Depending on the weather, the tracks can get wet and decrease friction. There are also drier conditions in which to compete. In addition, in the time trials we will be able to find an otherwise common feature in the driving game genre: ghosts, so far strangely absent from the title of Codemasters.

DIRT 5: Cross-play coming in the May update

Not unlike Mario Kart 7, players will be able to compete with different ghosts based on the record achieved. This is the absolute speed record, the closest overall time to your best result, the closest among your friends’ records and the most common personal best. The contents of this authentic cornucopia are on the way today, for an update that is not only rich but also available for free.

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