Discover tomorrow: Dreame unveils its new products at the spring launch in Hamburg

Dreame Technology, a leading company in the field of innovative home appliances, unveiled its latest product line at its recent spring launch event in Hamburg

With the theme “Beyond the Limits”, the company aims to redefine the standards in technological progress, overcoming traditional restrictions. The event attracted over 100 journalistsinfluencers and industry experts from across Europe, offering a crucial opportunity to share the brand's distinctive values ​​and global, innovative vision.

Discover tomorrow: Dreame unveils its new products at the spring launch in HamburgDiscover tomorrow: Dreame unveils its new products at the spring launch in Hamburg

Dreame reveals an innovative line of products to redefine the Italian market in 2024

Dreaming ha presented a wide range of products cutting-edge, ready to revolutionize the Italian market during 2024. Among the most significant news there are the latest additions to the X series of robot vacuum cleanersalong with other notable innovations:

  • New models for the X Series (available in Italy from April 9th)
  • A1 robotic lawnmower (available in Italy from 4 April)
  • H13 Pro vacuum cleaner (available in Italy from April 5th)
  • Phon Pocket (available in Italy from April 16)

With the introduction of the long-awaited X40 Ultra Complete and X40 Mastertogether with theinnovative X30 Ultrathese models promise a new era of cleaning power thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Their features allow for unparalleled precision, allowing mops and front brushes to reach even the most difficult edges and clean under furniture with remarkable efficiency.

Also, Dreame presented the robotic lawnmower, the A1demonstrating the company's commitment to bringing cleaning capabilities to outdoor spaces, offering a complete solution for modern living that seamlessly integrates interior and exterior cleaning needs.

Dreame also introduced l’H13 Pro, a significant update to its wet/dry vacuum cleaner series, designed to improve floor cleaning with hot water. The H13 Pro stands out from its predecessor, the H12 Pro, in all performance parameters, making intensive cleaning an easy task.

In the end, the company presented the Pocket hairdryer, characterized by exceptional performance combined with extraordinary portability. Equipped with anti-frizz and anti-curl accessories, This compact travel hairdryer promises to deliver salon-quality results wherever you are.

Dreame's continued commitment was demonstrated in 2023, with rapid expansion into Western and Southern Europe, resulting in growth of 125% and a total turnover of 160 million euros. Currently, third in France and first in Germany and ItalyDreame's inaugural launch event was marked by expressions of gratitude for the support of European consumers and partners.

Fabio d'Amore, Country Manager of Dreame Technology Italia, commented: “I am thrilled and honored to have taken on this role at Dreame, a highly innovative company with ambitious growth plans in the Italian market. Our challenge now is to consolidate our leadership in the robot vacuum cleaner sector and, at the same time, develop other product categories such as cordless vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, hair dryers and last but not least our new Lawnmower A1 robotic lawnmower”.

In addition to introducing innovative products, Dreame places a strong emphasis on improving user experience through continuous service updates. With a constant focus on sustainability, in 2023 Dreame established local warehouses and implemented several hotlines to ensure comprehensive assistance to European consumers.

Redefining the future of home electronics, Dreame continues to deliver lasting improvements that resonate positively with consumers around the world.

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