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Disney + and Earth Day, how to best celebrate it with special contents

Disney + offers us a lot of contents to better celebrate April 22, Earth Day

Friday 22 April will be the day dedicated to the Earth and Disney + has decided to celebrate it by making fantastic titles available on the platform that will allow us to swim in the deepest oceans, to cross endless deserts or steep glaciers, or even to soar beyond the highest clouds.

Polar Bear

Disney + and Earth Day, how to best celebrate it with special contents

The first title that is proposed to us is Polar Bear, a new documentary by Disneynature that tells the story of a mother who is preparing to facing motherhood in the increasingly adverse world that polar bears face today.

Narrated by the voice of Catherine Keenertwice Oscar nominated, directed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson and and produced by Fothergill, Wilson, Jason Roberts, Keith Scholey and Roy Conli, Polar Bear will debut on Disney + on April 22, 2022just the day dedicated to our planet.

The farm of our dreams: the Return

Disney + and Earth Day, how to best celebrate it with special contents

It 30-minute special that will debut on Disney + again on Friday 22 Aprilduring Earth Day, is based on the award-winning 2018 docufilm.

The landmark documentary tells the story of John and Molly Chester who choose to go live on a farm in Ventura County and abandon the urban life of Los Angeles.

This new special follows the 10 year journey of farmers as they turn the land into a magical farm and they document the entire process in this heartwarming special that is similar to a real Charlotte’s web.

Apricot Lane Farms è un beautiful and complex world that reflects the biodiversity of our planetand this special allows you to let the public know tender and beautiful animals that will quickly enter their hearts and hardly come out.

The Last Tepui

Disney + and Earth Day, how to best celebrate it with special contents

The Last Tepui is a National Geographic documentary that follows climber Alex Honnold, aka Free Solo, and a team of world climbers, led by climber Mark Synnott in a grueling mission deep in the Amazon jungle.

Their task is toaccompany the legendary biologist and explorer of the National Geographic to the top of Tepuithe incredible “island of the sky”.

The one-hour special is the conclusion to the National Geographic Explorer series.

This too special will be available from Friday 22 April on the platform.

Disney + titles dedicated to the encounter with Nature

In conclusion we can say that we are ready to celebrate Earth Day in the company of Disney + which guarantees Disney, Disneynature and National Geographic content that will take us directly from the sofa to the magic of Mother Nature.

Here is a complete list of magnificent titles that will allow you to experience the most beautiful and intense adventures in contact with nature.

[Vi invitiamo a controllare la vostra app Disney+ per la disponibilità dei contenuti, non tutti i titoli sono disponibili in ogni paese.]

Serie National Geographic

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Paradise Islands
Meet the Chimps
One Strange Rock
Ancient China From Above
America’s National Parks
Mexico Untamed
Hostile Planet
Earth Live
Continent 7: Antarctica
Tree Climbing Lions
Great Migrations


In the Footsteps of Elephant
Dolphin Reef
Diving with Dolphins
Penguins: Life on the Edge
African Cats
Born In China
Wings of Life
Monkey Kingdom
The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos
Growing Up Wild
Ghost of the Mountains
Expedition China

National Geographic Movies and Specials

Born Wild: The Next Generation
Kingdom of the Blue Whale
The Hidden Kingdoms of China
Kingdom of the White Wolf
Giants of the Deep Blue
The Flood
Into the Grand Canyon
Before the Flood
Expedition Everest
Jane Goodall: The Hope
Sea of Hope: America’s Underwater Treasures
Into the Okavango

Wild Series

Wild Yellowstone
Wild Russia
Big Sur: Wild California
Wild Central America
Wild Chile
Wild Congo
Wild Hawaii
Wild Nordic
Wild Portugal
Wild Sri Lanka
Wild Uganda
Secrets of Wild India

Disney True-Life Adventures

True-Life Adventures: In Beaver Valley
True-Life Adventures: Nature’s Half Acre
True-Life Adventures: Water Birds
True-Life Adventures: The Olympic Elk
True-Life Adventures: Prowlers of the Everglades
True-Life Adventures: Living Desert
True-Life Adventures: The Vanishing Prairie
True-Life Adventures: The African Lion
True-Life Adventures: Secrets of Life
True-Life Adventures: Perri
True-Life Adventures: Jungle Cat

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