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Disney Plus: the news coming in June 2022

June will bring a lot of news to Disney Plus, especially as regards the series. Let’s take a look at what we will find in the catalog

The month of May brought on the platform Disney Plus new films, including Cip and Dale Special Agents, very positively received by both adults and children and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the series released just a few days ago.

The month of June will not be outdone; in fact there are many new releases, especially as regards the serie. The time has come to find out what awaits us with the arrival of the new month.

Vampirina – second season | a junior Disney series

The month of June will open with a surprise for the little ones. In fact, back on Disney Plus, with a second season, Vampirina.

The series tells about the little girl Veea vampire girl who moved with his family from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. Here, in addition to adapt to live in the city, will have to help parents manage B&B Phobiaa bed and breakfast for supernatural creatures and try to make new friends, learning all about the life of human beingswithout forgetting, however remain herself.

Available from 1st of June.

Perfect life [16+] – second season | on Disney Plus in June

After a first season, the Spanish comic series Vida perfectacontinues its journey infemale universe, through the story of the adventures of three friends in their thirties. Mariaa woman rigid and fussy, gets pregnant of a stranger with a mental disability; there sister Esthera homosexual paintertotally different from Maria, she has to face her own insecurities and dissatisfactions, while Cristinatheir best friend, must try to find a balance between the work as a lawyer and its desire to be a good mother and wife.

Available from 1st of June.

Hollywood Stargirl | on Disney Plus in June

Hollywood Stargirl is a drama film about Stargirl Carawayi.e. a girl named Susan, who in this chapter will have to moving from Arizona to Los Angeles to follow her mother Ana, who managed to find a job as a costume designer in a movie. The journey will be a real revelation for Stargirl, because it will allow her to understand herself betteralso thanks to particular characters that he will meet along his path.

Hollywood Stargirl is a sequel to the 2020 film Stargirlin turn based on the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinellialthough this new film is not based on the second novel.

Available from 3 June.

Ms. Marvel – Season 1 | on Disney Plus in June

This series, original Marvel Studios, introduce Kamala Khanand’Muslim American teenager. Like many of her peers, she is great lover of video games and one fan fiction writer, from the big ones gifts of imagination. She is also a fan of superheroes, especially Captain Marvel. Despite her talent, Kamala has a hard time settling in e to feel at ease among the peers of his school and at home, at least until it does gets superpowers. Will these be able to change his life forever?

Available fromJune 8.

Love, Victor [14+] – third season | on Disney Plus in June

The series tells of the young man Victora boy who moved to Creekwood High School and his own journey of self-discovery: of hers family problemsof her life in the new city e of his sexual orientation. In this journey Victor will not be alone, his friend will be with him Simon, ready to help him in moments of greatest difficulty.

Available from June 15.

Only murders in the building [16+] – second season | on Disney Plus in June

Only murders in the building follows the story of three strangers that have one particularity in common: l’obsession with crime. The three will meet unexpectedly involved in any of them. It will be their chance to get started investigate the mysterious death of their neighbor.

Available from June 28.

The Defenders – first season | on Disney Plus in June

The Defenders it’s a crossover series focusing on four lonely superheroes: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage e Iron Fist. All four have to contend with a troubled pastbut now they have only one goal: unite to save New York from enemy forces that threaten it.

Available from June 29.

Iron Fist – first and second season | on Disney Plus in June

Iron Fist is one of the four series leading up to The Defenders crossover. The series focuses on Danny Rand returned to New York after having disappeared and believed dead for some time. The boy, a martial arts expert, is capable of summoning the power of the Steel Fist.

Available from June 29.

Jessica Jones – Season 1, 2 and 3 | on Disney Plus in June

Jessica Jones is another of the television series leading up to The Defenders crossover. The protagonist is Jessica Jonesa ex-superheroine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The woman decides to open a detective agencyAlias ​​Investigations, for the purpose of help other superheroes in need.

Available from June 29.

Atlanta [16+] – third season | on Disney Plus in June

Atlanta is the story of Earn, a man who has returned to his old town in Georgia. Upon arrival he finds out that his cousin Alfred became one of Atlanta’s most beloved rappers.
Earn he is an intelligent, insightful, but disillusioned man, in constant struggle to find his way, convinced that life is adverse to him. Will have to learn a respect the ideas of the cousin and the presence of Darius, a strange man, clouded by drug use, but Alfred’s shoulder. The two cousins ​​have completely opposite views on many aspects, this will lead them to make decisions that are not easy, yet, it will be thanks to Alfred that Earn could finally find meaning in his days.

Available from June 29.

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