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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release may be delayed

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad could remain on the bench: according to rumors, the release of Kill the Justice League will be postponed, but will it be true?

It is most evident that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is something very special to Rocksteady, and whether the exit was actually postponed as i seem to assert rumor in this regard we would have yet another confirmation. The development team was playing hole cards until last State of Play, during which the talents behind the game enthusiastically spoke about their love letter to the dark side of the DC universe. Unfortunately (or, for the sake of the title, fortunately) the players do not seem to have taken very well what is shown, thanks to an emphasis on the live service elements that have even made the writer sigh a sigh.

Suicide Squad: release of Kill the Justice League postponed, satisfied audience?

Apparently, the concern about a potential “Fortnite of DC” pushed the publisher WB Games to review the strategy for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The ever-prolific insider Jason Schreier explored the matter in its latest report, talking about a third postponement for Rocksteady’s third-person shooter. The game has already been postponed to the spring of this year during 2022, to then set everything to May 26 last December. Now day one seems to be moving away once again, although it is not known exactly when we should expect the arrival of the title.

What piques our attention is the emphasis in Schreier’s article for the business site Bloomberg on fan reaction to the live service look. Or rather, the fulcrum is the relationship between the outrage of gamers and WB Games’ decision to postpone it. Naturally we still don’t have an official confirmation or denial on the matter, but if the voice of the enthusiasts is capable of having such an impact, perhaps we won’t be long in receiving the usual announcement. For now, we can only reiterate that the game is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S e PC. We’ll see later if Amanda Waller has ulterior motives even with our wallets.

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