Does PSVR 2 have a release date in 2022?

According to some PSVR 2 reports, the heir to the Sony virtual reality viewer announced at the beginning of the year, could have a launch date in 2022

Although the PS5 support the PSVR, Sony’s new console is not able to run virtual reality productions natively, but only through backwards compatibility. The only way to do this, therefore, is to have a new dedicated headset, currently in production, but which could make us wait for quite a while. At the beginning of the year, in fact, the Japanese giant had confirmed that it was working on the PSVR 2, spreading some images and details about the new controllers that will accompany it. In addition to this, however, no other information had been provided on the subject, especially as regards the release date.

PSVR 2: release date in 2022?

Sony, in fact, it has not become unbalanced in relation to what could be there device release date, but according to a new one report di Bloomberg, it seems that an anonymous source aware of the moves that gravitate around the project, has confirmed that the company has in mind to fix the launch in 2022. The same report also confirms that the viewer will use a OLED display made by Samsung.

Does PSVR 2 have a release date in 2022?

A further report appeared in the first months of the current year focused on visual rendering, claiming that the heir to the headset Sony will offer one resolution of 4000 × 2040 pixels overall, which indicate an approximate total of approximately 8.16 million. There is also talk of inside-out and ocular tracking, the latter used for rendering the visual field, and much more.

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Obviously, as always, since this is unconfirmed information, we at invite you to take the news with all the necessary precautions.

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