Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

Among 10 institutes and over 250 students involved, the project of the student Carola Sisto of the 4 ° C class of the Caravaggio Art School in Rome won the first prize of the Samsung contest, launched on the occasion of the arrival of the Samsung BESPOKE range of refrigerators.

Samsung Electronics Italia, a company that has always been committed to spreading the culture of innovation, through the development of digital training projects, announces the winners of the “BESPOKE – BeCreative” contest, which involved students of 10 artistic high schools and secondary schools of graphics in a digital initiative that combines innovation, communication, creativity and the concept of “Italianness” in a guise that combines tradition and tension with the future.

The initiative was developed on the occasion of the launch of BESPOKE, the new Samsung lifestyle appliance that tells a new interpretation of the refrigerator concept, with a focus on design, exclusivity and customization. Samsung BESPOKE, or “made to measure”, is the input that stimulated the creativity and active participation of the students of the institutes who tested their skills in terms of art, graphics and representation for images on a concrete project.

Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

Samsung “BESPOKE – BeCreative”: here are the winners

The winning project stood out among the achievements of over 250 students from 10 artistic high schools and secondary schools of graphics, scattered throughout Italy – the Kandinsky High School and the U. Boccioni Art School in Milan, the Foiso Fois Art School in Cagliari, the IPSIA in Pontedera, the Vaccarini State Higher Education Institute in Catania, the ISIS Europa in Pomigliano D ‘ Arco (NA), the De Nobili Higher Institute of Catanzaro, the Argan Art School of Rome, the Caravaggio Art High School of Rome and the IIS Canova Antonio of Vicenza- and was selected by a technical jury, by Internet users through a vote on social media and by an exceptional jury composed of four artists – Diego Cusano, Fernando Cobelo, Camilla Falsini and Outline.

Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

The ranking in detail

The first place of the podium was conquered by the project “L’italianità”, by Carola Sisto, the young graphic designer of the 4th C class of Figurative Arts, who reproduced, in a refined game of white strokes on a black background, some of the most famous symbols of Italian art and culture on the BESPOKE panel. Carola was awarded a scholarship, while her school, Liceo Artistico Caravaggio, received a Samsung Flip digital whiteboard.

The second place was assigned to the project carried out by Domenico Mastrogiacomo, a student of ISIS Europe in Pomigliano d’Arco, who wanted to tell Italy… in words, reporting on the Samsung BESPOKE “canvas” the names of some regions, some local idioms and some more famous foods.

The third place it is an authentic dip in the landscapes of the South, made possible by the trompe-l’oeil technique. The representation that tends towards reality is a window that opens to the most rooted Italian tradition: good food, a sunny view overlooking the sea. The drawing is by Noemi De Marco, student of the G. De Nobili Art School of Catanzaro.

The artistic jury also decreed an ex aequo prize for Suyani De Souza, of the Kandinskij Professional Institute for Commercial Services of Milan and for Melissa Grosso, of the Boccioni Art School of Milan.

As a sign of recognition for the commitment and the high added value given by the children, their teachers, all the schools that participated in the project will receive a Samsung air purifier. All the guys involved in the initiative have worked on the concept of Italianness thanks to the possibilities offered by BESPOKE Samsung and have expressed themselves, communicating passions, styles and the flavor of their land, sharing their personal vision of what it means to “be Italian”.

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Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced


Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of Culture, commented in connection during the award ceremony:

There is nothing more exciting than seeing young people try their hand at shaping their creative ideas. It is commendable that a large and recognized company such as Samsung decides to involve students of artistic and graphic high schools with a contest, rewarding the best at making customized panels. As a Ministry we strongly focus on creativity, but above all on the possibility that young people can express themselves at their best in their multiple genius. This is why we are working on specific aid for creative businesses, but above all on the enhancement of young people, from their training to entering the world of work. Art, such as design, music, fashion, theater, penalized by the pandemic crisis can be the driving force for not only cultural but also business revival of our country.

The choice to promote “BESPOKE – BeCreative” stems from Samsung’s desire to continue to support the vision of Samsung’s Global Corporate Citizenship with concrete actions, linked to the concept of “Enabling People” (“Enable people”). The initiative is in fact part of a broader context of educational programs in the field of digital training, in which Samsung has been investing in Italy for over 10 years, with several projects focused on digital and transversal skills such as the very recent Growing Digital Citizens, remote Smart Learning projects, Samsung SolveforTomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus, dedicated to high school and university students.

Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

Giovanni Barina – Vice President, Head of Human Resources, General Affairs and CSR di Samsung Electronics Italia, spiega:

One of our goals is to support training, enhance talents, inspire young people and facilitate their entry into the job market, so we are enthusiastic about the path followed by all the young people involved in this project.

Exceptional partners of the initiative were some of the main ones Fine Arts Academies of Italy, who actively participated both in the role of “coach” of the young people involved, and in the selection of the works they created. Under the supervision of professors from leading academies, the students faced a real mentoring process on the academic and professional opportunities in the world of art and graphics that await them at the end of their studies, receiving advice and testimonials from experts in the field, as well as useful advice for creating their works.

Finally Fabio Moretti, President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, says:

This initiative was born with the aim of giving a positive signal to the world of art which has been greatly affected by the pandemic. The project carried out with Samsung is an excellent example of how art can contaminate itself with the corporate world and celebrate creativity and Italianness from the point of view of the new generations.

Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

More details on Samsung BESPOKE

BESPOKE is a world of possibilities enclosed in a single product and arrives in Italy in the combined version (available in 2m or 1.85m height), monoporta e monoporta slim (width 45cm). The various formats can be placed side by side to create the perfect combination: those who need to keep lots of fresh foods will choose to combine a classic combined with a single door refrigerator… do needs change and need more space in the freezer? No problem, just add a new single door freezer module! Furthermore, in continuity with the great attention to energy performance that distinguishes the Korean company, the Samsung BESPOKE models are available in the various classes of the new energy labeling, reaching up to A.

BESPOKE gives the possibility to each to choose their own ideal combination to make the refrigerator a perfect functional element, which integrates with the style of your home and can follow changes, adapting to renovations of the environments, or to the growth of the family. Samsung BESPOKE arrives in Italy with two proposals: Panel Fixed, where the refrigerator is marketed as a traditional product with the default external panel combination, or Panel Ready, which gives the consumer the possibility to choose the combination of preferred finishes and colors.

Samsung BESPOKE: BeCreative contest winners announced

Both BESPOKE Panel Fixed and BESPOKE Panel Ready allow you to choose between a classic, satin or glossy glass finish. BESPOKE Panel Fixed is available in various pre-assembled solid color models (Brushed Inox, Satin Graphite, Clean Black, Clean White, Cotta Beige, Satin Navy, Matte Black, Metal Inox). BESPOKE Panel Ready is available in 5 models with combinable panels (Satin Navy, Satin Graphite, Satin Beige, Satin Sky Blue, Glam Lavender, Glam Navy, Clean Black and Clean White).

To find out more about BESPOKE, we refer you to the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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