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Italians read less and the book market is not growing: book sales halved in 2022

Italians read less, especially after the pandemic that forced everyone at home in front of the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions

These are difficult days for books and the publishing industry in general. Despite that 2021 was a golden year for the world of books with 18 million copies sold more than the previous year, book sales decreased in 2022. Italians read less, especially after the pandemic that forced everyone in the house in front of the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions.

The state of the book industry

In Italy, the latest Istat publishing report dates back to 2020, when an average of 237 books were published per day. Novelties accounted for 58.4% while the rest of the titles were reprints. In our country, only 40% of the population buys books, especially paper (77%). Paper books are still dominated according to market data. In Italy too, the most frequent readers are young people, with adolescents accounting for 54% of readers. They are the light at the end of the tunnel for the Italian and global book industry.

Research and book market experts suggest that the Western publishing world is saturated. Too much offer, not enough readers. For example, over 825 million titles were published in the United States in 2021. So finding the right book is like finding a needle in a haystack. The best at untangling this tangle of pages and ink are the youngest readers, the new generations who love science fiction and fantasy titles. The Harry Potter years may have passed, but the stories of wizards, dwarves and impossible loves continue to be successful. All thanks to the internet.

The digital world helps book sales

It may seem like a surprise, but the digital world helps book sales. Social media movements such as #BookTok, a hashtag that has swept the TikTok platform, prove it. Campaigns such as these hashtags and news on Instagram such as #bookgram are also useful tools for the launch of new books and authors, which do not always find space in traditional publishing.

Online discounts that Italians can find on sites like Promo-Codes also help book sales. Italians love online discounts! After all, finding a discount on a book on the Internet is easier than in physical bookstores. But as the Promo-Codes experts also confirm, in this universe of technology, print media doesn’t find much space.

What finds space are offers for the home such as AOSOM discount code or online promotions for those who love fashion who can use Paragonshop coupons. In short, Italians prefer to look for good discounts for the home or for clothes and shoes, not for books.

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