Doom Eternal: Horde Mode now available with Update 6.66

Update 6.66, containing the long-awaited Horde Mode and several other new features, is finally here. Let’s find out all the details in this news

After the announcement of the past few days, now Bethesda and Id Software have finally released a new substantial update for their hellish shooter. Doom Eternal receives in fact the highly anticipated 6.66 update, which brings with it a new load of important additions to the title, among which the brand new Horde Mode stands out. In the update trailer we can glimpse a glimpse of the many news on which, we remember, we can get our hands for free right now. Are you ready to go back to hell?

New update for Doom Eternal available, Horde Mode arrives

The flagship content of the new Doom Eternal update is the awaited Horde Mode, which, as already anticipated by the developers, replaces the Invasion mode, originally shown in the first gameplay of the game and finally canceled. In it we will once again take on the role of the Slayer and we will have to face increasingly fierce waves of enemies alone, in a test of endurance and skill that aims to quench the thirst for action of the players, after the epic conclusion of the plot in The Ancient Gods Part 2.

In addition to the Horde Mode, the update 6.66 also introduces the so-called Battlemode 2.0, which is an impressive update of the multiplayer sector already present in the game. In it the developers have added a new playable demon, a new arena and a host of other content that, combined with a series of tweaks and balances, aim to completely revolutionize the gaming experience. Finally, to close the circle we find the Master Levels version of the Mars Core and La Lancia Del Mondo levels, and a series of generic minor corrections to the game. Update 6.66 is already available for all platforms, except Nintendo Switch, on which it will arrive later.

And what do you think of it? Have you already returned to slaughtering demons as the Doom Slayer? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news about it. To buy video games at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.

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