Crescono i dubbi sullo stop alla vendita di auto benzina e diesel in UE thumbnail

Doubts are growing about the ban on petrol and diesel cars in the EU

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Despite the recent ok from the EU Parliamentdoubts about the stop on the sale of petrol and diesel cars set for 2035 are growing. The Swedish presidency of the EU semester postponed the debate and the subsequent vote to the meeting of the Deputy Permanent Representatives on the issue. In the meantime, the contrary opinions are increasing and Italy is also at the forefront.

The stop on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU creates several doubts among the member states

Dissent over EU decisions is growing. Time ago Italy, through various representatives of the Government, has already expressed its opposite opinion. The stop to the sale of petrol and diesel cars is seen by the Government as a threat to the country’s economy rather than as a resource or an objective to be pursued for a more sustainable future.

Meanwhile, also in Germania doubts grow. The German Government has highlighted some reservations on the issue. In particular, the need to define legislation for alternative fuels capable of supporting electricity in the future is highlighted. Also Poland e Bulgaria they were against the project.

So over the next few monthsi, the issue of stopping the sale of petrol and diesel cars in Europe will be back on the front page. For the time being, however, the plans are confirmed. From 2035, only electric cars will be sold in EU territories.

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