DR Automobiles lowers the prices of its cars

Lowering car prices is always a double-edged sword, but DR Automobiles wanted to lower the prices of its cars in a bold move, also putting the news on display on their website

When it comes to drop in prices of the car you always face a dilemma. It’s not so much that it could be a loss for the company, on the contrary, falling prices are an incentive potential customers to purchase a company’s products. But when it comes to cars, things are a little different, because it could trigger complaints from customers who have already purchased a car, feeling cheated. This is a marketing choice that sometimes goes unnoticed, but it is a necessary move. In fact, this is something that Tesla also did, which lowered the price of the Tesla Model Y even after some complaints from customers. The same thing cannot be said for DR Automobiles Group, quite the opposite decided to put the drop in price on display.

DR Automobiles lowers the prices of its cars

Which cars has DR Automobiles lowered prices on?

So how much did it lower prices? Let’s talk about good 3.000 euro and mostly the vehicles involved in this price drop are, in addition to the DR models, also the EVO, Sportequipe and ICH-X models, only pick-up models are excluded from the price list. To give an example, now the DR 5.0 goes from 21,900 euros to 19,900 euroswhile the Sportequipe 7 goes from 40,000 euros to 36,900 euros. Let’s also take the EVO 5, now sold for 17,300 euros instead of 19,900 euros. They also lowered the prices on the latest and greatest ICH-X K2 which is now around 51,500 euros instead of the 54,500 euros with which it was possible to purchase this model at the time of launch.

Very important news that represents a courageous move by the company. What do you think? Will this price drop convince you to buy one of these cars? Continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of motors and much more.