Dr. Disrespect: Midnight Society will be your gaming studio

It seems that Dr. Disrespect has finally fulfilled his dream, creating his own videogame studio called the Midnight Society

Dr. Disrespect, or Guy Beaham if you prefer, is a rather well-known name within the world of streamers on Twitch, and streaming in general. For those who are not aware of his origins, it will be enough for him to know that he is an ardent player of multiplayer shooter titles, and has also had a role for a short period of time within the gaming industry. They I’m the subject of level designer for Sledgehammer Games, contributing to the making of some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare maps.

The streamer has already expressed an interest in giving origin several times to its own game development studio. This fact became more concrete in August, when he posted on Twitter the list of open positions to form his studio. Finally, it seems that his wish is about to come true: it seems that Dr. Disrespect found several prominent members for his study which will be called the Midnight Society.

The Midnight Society study, with Dr. Disrespect and formerly of Halo and CoD

Dr. Disrespect’s goal with the Midnight Society studio is to make multiplayer titles in collaboration with a selected list of “Mega Influencers“. With an official declaration, the news of the creation of the new studio was finally spread, which he would also have founded with two industry veterans, and especially in the field of shooter works. Co-founders are Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo. Bowling was the community manager of Call of Duty with the studio of Infinity Ward, before arriving at the position of Creative Strategist. When he left the company in 2012, he founded a new studio named Robotoki, which however failed to take off and ended up being closed after less than two years. DelHoyo is instead fresh from a recent experience with 343 Industries, having worked on the newest chapter in the Halo saga, namely Halo Infinite.

All that is known about their first game is that it will be a PVP multiplayer title, and built with the spectacular Unreal Engine 5. Beahm also said he plans to “create games that run counter to the hit and run publishing model, aiming for a Day Zero Community.” The philosophy that the studio will follow will be to build experiences capable of evolving based on the needs of the community of players who choose to support them.

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