Dr. STONE, tragedy for three friends of Senku | Jump Highlights

Dr. STONE, tragedy for three friends of Senku |  Jump Highlights

In Dr. Stone 188, three key characters from the Senku team are on the brink of death. Will petrification save them? In My Hero Academia, Midoriya is in the presence of the previous users of the One for All

This week, after the new releases, the protagonists of Weekly Shonen Jump are the heavyweights. The opening could only be therefore with One Piece, with a colorspread dedicated to Kaido and his underlings.

But our focus today is on a recent success, Dr.Stone of Inagaki and the master of drawing Boichi. With the arrival of the animated series, the popularity of this title is in a predictable and rapid rise, and today, for the first time, the team of the protagonist may have to face important mourning. You can read the chapter 188 on MangaPlus: if you continue, beware of spoiler.

In an attempt to save Suika and Francois, captured by Stanley’s soldiers, Kohaku, Tsukasa e Hyoga they launch a frontal attack. These are three of the most powerful characters in Senku’s group, but the opponents have assault rifles.

The three manage to destroy the enemy’s radio, but at great cost: it seems that Hyoga has lost his life, and Kohaku and Tsukasa are also on the verge of death. Their only hope is that our people will be able to activate the petrification, which in the past has shown that it can heal even the most serious wounds.

Dr. STONE, tragedy for three friends of Senku |  Jump Highlights

Not only Dr. STONE: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

The last chapter of My Hero Academia is dedicated to Midoriya, in a coma, but alert in the dream created by the power ofOne for All.

Within it, our young hero can confront, for the first time in a calm way, with the spirits of the previous users of power. Among them, the first user, the brother of the evil one All for One, e Nana Shimura.

The fourth user also shows up, Hikage Shinomori, possessor of power Danger Sense. From his experience, which sees him spending his life as a hermit and dying of old age at only forty, users have come to a tragic conclusion.

In fact, using the One for All if you already have a quirk leads to rapid deterioration of the body. This, coupled with the fact that people without quirks are disappearing in today’s world, means that Midoriya is probably the last to be able to use this power.