Dragon Ball The Breakers: here’s how to sign up for the Closed Beta

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Bandai Namco has announced that the Closed Beta of Dragon Ball: The Breakers It will take place December 4th and 5th on PC. If you want to try your luck and try to be selected, just register on the official Bandai Namco website. Not only that, to prepare for the Closed Beta Test, players can take a look at the new System Trailer of the game, which shows a summary of the rules and peculiar elements of the gameplay.

Dragon Ball The Breakers: registrations open for the Closed Beta

The Breakers is a very special Dragon Ball themed game. According to what was declared by Bandai Namco, the title recovers some features from Dead by Daylight and wants clearly deviate from all other videogame products based on the franchise that we have had the opportunity to play over the years. The Closed Beta will take place from 4 to 5 December, but if you are curious there is an official video that explains the basics of the gameplay.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical online video game in which an antagonist, named Raider, he will have to hunt down ordinary people, without any kind of specific power or training. The latter, called Survivors, they are stuck in a temporal rift with the Reaper and their aim will be to escape before the Reaper finds and captures them.

If you are wondering how to escape a time fault, the answer is obviously via one time Machine, which, however, will be built by recovering a series of objects hidden in the map. Among the objects in question there are also some magical spheres (not exactly those of the Dragon) capable of making us briefly take the form of one of the Z Warriors born from the pen of Akira Toriyama to face openly the Reaper on duty (which for now can be one at random between Cell, Freezer e Majin Buu).

There will obviously also be the most iconic Dragon Balls, which will evoke Shenron and allow us to make a wish from three selectable.