Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: is it possible to catch Arceus?

Those who bought the remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, just released for the Nintendo Switch, are all wondering the same thing, that is, if it is possible to catch Arceus. Let’s try to find out together

Come capturing Arceus is certainly one of the main “worries” of those who have just purchased the remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl just released on Switch and of which we have already spoken quite thoroughly.

Furthermore we have already written some other guides as well on how to obtain other legendary and mysterious creatures, such as, for example, Rotom, Manaphy or Cresselia. In addition to these capture techniques, don’t forget that we also talked about the passion for photography with the first chapter of Snap originally released on the Nintendo 64 before landing on the latest hybrid console of the Grande N.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: how would you say that it is impossible to catch Arceus ?!

Fans of the Pokémon brand, even happier today for the release of the Diamond and Pearl remake, I’m trying to figure out how to catch Arceus. In fact, it seems that the legendary creature of Sinnoh has always managed to escape the hardest trainers included in the original console version.

Unfortunately it seems that, as in the original version, there is no way to catch the legendary creature, among the most beautiful of the fourth generation of games, and thus enrich your own Pokédex.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake: is it possible to catch Arceus?

Therefore, many players hope that the legendary creature is included in Legends and, once captured there, they will be able to transfer it. At the moment this detail is still shrouded in the thickest fog, but we hope that the brand created by the good Satoshi Tajiri can remedy it as soon as possible.

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