Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will arrive on Nintendo Switch?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will arrive on Nintendo Switch?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of those titles that lovers of manga and anime did not miss and, according to a leak, perhaps it could arrive on Nintendo Switch

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, produced by Bandai Namco, was released in 2020 first in the homeland of the Rising Sun and then in the rest of the world on PS4, PC, Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S. In all this, however, the owners of Nintendo Switch they felt “Excluded”, or maybe not? Let’s try to clarify this a bit more.

Il leak Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot per Nintendo Switch

Last month Bandai Namco showed a Trailer for the third DLC pack for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, a video showing the Switch logo at the end. On the canal Instagram official of the gaming house it was explained that it was a mistake, but not everyone is of the same opinion.

The group LeakyPandy su Twitter, famous for sharing such news often, mentioned that Akira Toriyama’s creature will land on the Big N hybrid console along with Tales of Destiny, Tales of Arise, Gundam Breaker 4 and even a Dark Souls expansion. Not bad, right?

Recall also that the Bandai Namco has already brought many other adventures of Goku and his cronies to the sound of energy waves, special moves and exciting fights. However, we take into account that it is still a leak yet to be confirmed, but a certain expectation has already spread among fans of the Japanese saga and among owners of the hybrid console of the Grande N.

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