Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate officially announced

Square Enix has officially announced Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate, the new chapter of the popular saga, which will be released simultaneously worldwide

During the special streaming dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest, series creator Yuji Horii confirmed what fans were eagerly waiting for, namely the announcement of the development of Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate. The news turned out to be particularly tempting also because the designer confirmed that the game will be released simultaneously worldwide, real news for the brand, accompanying everything also with the trailer that we propose in the news-

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate officially announced

Unfortunately, beyond the existence of the game, no details have been disclosed regarding a possible launch window, nor a hint of the target platforms of the title. The only confirmation concerns the new combat system, which should present gods changes from the canonical standards of the series. The last appearance of the popular jrpg dates back to 2017, the year in which the eleventh chapter was released, initially only in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and PS4, to then have a worldwide release the following year (also on PC).

The question at this point, given the previous one, is to understand if this new episode will also see the light on PS4, given that the production of the old Sony console is currently limited only to the 500 GB Slim model in Jet Black color, while all other models have been discontinued, giving priority to PS5. Given the number of consoles present worldwide, however, a release in this sense would be desirable, but only future updates on this will be able to provide further answers.

We at TechGameWorld.com, of course, will not fail to keep you updated on the new episode of the Square Enix jrpg. Meanwhile, if you are looking for games at a discounted price, you can take a look at Instant Gaming.

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