Zack Snyder dreams of reworking The Return of the Dark Knight

Zack Snyder, fresh from his new DC sequel Justice League, admits he has the desire to be able to make a new DC movie that is a re-adaptation of the famous comic The Return of the Dark Knight

The Return of the Dark Knight is the famous 80’s DC comic released in four issues that involves the two main heroes of that universe and is also Zack Snyder’s “white whale”.

The director, in fact, stated that he has always looked for inspiration in that mini series of Frank Miller comics, especially for his previous films in the DC universe. If, however, in Batman V Superman, the director involved the actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, if he were to continue dealing with stories from the DC universe, there would be no return. And so if he were to really make the re-adaptation of Return of the Dark Knight, he would choose other performers because he would like it to be a project in its own right, very faithful to the original comic and not very expensive. In that comic, according to the director, there are already incredible dialogues that would therefore be the basis of the whole story.

Zack Snyder and Clint Eastwood’s dream in Return of the Dark Knight

In Zack Snyder’s perfect directorial imagery there would be an actor like Clint Eastwood, who at the moment, given his age, it would not be possible to involve. But the actor is still a perfect reference in the eventual search for a new Bruce Wayne for a project of this type.

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