DriveClub: Director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky will unveil a new IP

A whole new IP is boiling in the cauldron that once belonged to DriveClub: reveals the director of the late Evolution Studios, Paul Rustchynsky

Although Evolution Studios no longer exists, the former director of DriveClub and Onrush is working on what it seems to be a completely new IP. As part of Avalanche Studios Group, Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky opened a new studio in Liverpool last year and is looking forward to announcing the next game in 2022. That is, as we finally can tell, this same year. In an intriguing twist, Rustchynsky added that the studio is also working on a completely new intellectual property. And that’s not the only surprise coming in the next 12 months!

How the director of the DriveClub pulled a new IP from the cylinder

In the replies and retweets received from the post below, director Paul Rustchynsky specified that the new IP is just one of the projects in the works, apparently “many more than most people would expect”, but DriveClub fans, MotorStorm and Onrush would be better off biting the brake. Apparently, Rushy isn’t working on a driving game. In other words “sorry, but there is no sequel or spinoff” of one of the three games concerned. Apparently, though, the project aims to be “very different from anything I’ve ever worked on.” Whatever it is.

Avalanche Studios Group is known to also be working on Contraband. The open-world game, also available in co-op, will be published by Xbox Game Studios exclusively (of course) for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC. More than 150 employees are currently working on it, although the release window has not yet been confirmed. We can only stay tuned to find out more in the coming months, even if we cannot exclude a priori that we will not talk about it before E3 2022. Let’s hold on, therefore, and put a brake on our expectations. Possibly by hand.

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