Drivevolve Fleeway, the software to manage company fleets and optimize costs

Drivevolve Fleeway is a company fleet management software. It succeeds in its particular aim, which is to optimize costs and provide customized functions

Manage company fleets it is not a trivial operation, in fact it is one of the fundamental activities that a company carries out for the development of its business. However, it is difficult to be able to better manage your company fleets, if you cannot count on the right tools to help in these operations. Precisely for this reason many companies decide to equip themselves with functional software to better manage fleets and to always have everything under control from this point of view. But what software can we recommend to manage corporate fleets? Here are some tips in this regard that could be very useful.

What is Fleeway

Drivevolve Fleeway is a company fleet management software. It succeeds in its particular intent, which is that of optimize costs and provides customized functions, so that the owner of the company has a complete monitoring of all the activities concerning the fleets.

The strength of Drivevolve’s Fleeway is precisely its implementation through customized modules, to be able to meet all the needs of users. The use of this computer program is very practical, because all operations are streamlined in a streamlined manner and without encountering particular difficulties.

With Fleeway we have the ability to control deadlines and maintain relationships with suppliers over time.

Everything is possible through reports that the software provides us constantly, which we can analyze in all details. This fleet management program is configured as a single container, within which we have all the functions that are necessary for the optimization of company fleets. In fact, to work it does not need other integration systems.

But there is another function that we must not forget regarding the use of this software that we are talking about. In fact, not only the needs of a company can be to reduce expenses, but there may be the need to pay attention to all activities to reduce risks. The aspect of safety is very important, even in the case of vehicles in the company fleet, in everything concerning maintenance, to limit the dangers associated with driving.

What services does Drivevolve offer

And speaking of driving prevention and safety, we cannot help but mention the services made available by Drivevolve. It is a company that specializes in delivering safe driving courses for drivers.

In particular, safe driving courses are dedicated and applied to everything related to the management of company fleets. By turning to these services made available by Drivevolve, companies have the opportunity to save, reducing costs relating to any risks that may arise from driving that is not conducted in the name of safety.

Furthermore, the companies that turn to Drivevolve are able to obey the rather stringent regulations concerning safety.

Drivevolve also deals with providing training and strategic consultancy services, thanks to the work team that is aimed at supporting companies in managing company fleets in the best possible way.

The services offered by Drivevolve have the main objective of also reducing waste, since they provide a lot of information that is useful for optimally managing all the processes that have to do with the daily management of company fleets. All this also through an innovative app mobile which gives the possibility to monitor the fleets at any time and in any situation, even by accessing from the smartphone.