DualSense: new colors confirmed

The confirmation of the availability of the new colors for the DualSense controllers comes directly from the official PlayStation Twitter account

In recent days we had already reported the circulation of some rumors regarding the possible arrival on the market of DualSense models in different colors. Until now, in fact, the controllers of the PlayStation 5 they had been made available only in the standard version, in black and white.

New colors for DualSense: confirmation comes from Sony

He thought about making the news official Sony which, through the official Twitter account of PlayStation, published the first promotional images of the color versions of the DualSense. As we can deduce from them, in addition to the aforementioned standard aesthetics, the pads will soon be available in versions in rosso and in nero. As for the exact release date, there are still no certainties but, as you can read on the official PlayStation blog, it is expected that this will already happen on next month.

Unlike what was proposed for the aesthetics of the three previous consoles, in which black was the main color, with PlayStation 5 we opted for a design focused on color White. This choice obviously addressed those relating to the DualSense color and explain the choice of using the white version as standard.

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