Ducati Ghost: ecco il concept di moto ibrida secondo Daniel Kemnitz thumbnail

Ducati Ghost: here is the hybrid motorcycle concept according to Daniel Kemnitz

A hybrid Ducati, which combines the power and character of a twin cylinder with the zero emission operation of an electric motor. This is what the Danish designer Daniel Kemnitz who took the initiative and designed a baptized concept Ducati Ghost.

The Ducati Ghost looks like a good “big” sport roadster, reminiscent of an even more aggressive version of the current Ducati Streetfighter V4. Sporty silhouette, muscular front, back sharp and Ducati red. These are the ingredients that should not be missing when it comes to a motorcycle leaving the Borgo Panigale workshops.

ducati ghost 3

IThe Ghost concept, on the other hand, stands out for its more high-tech and futuristic approachconveyed by lighting with 4 projectors and and perimeter brake disc reminiscent of that of the Buell motorcycles. Another surprise, the designer has chosen to equip his concept with a Fior type fork at the front, as seen on a BMW K 1300 R. Without forgetting the imposing single-sided arm at the rear, surmounted by a carbon fiber wheel arch, very “Ducati Performance”. The set is complete, and corresponds to what the Italian manufacturer could offer us in the future.

Ducati Ghost: high-end roadster performance

Under its futuristic style, the Ducati Ghost is as mentioned a concept of hybrid motorcycle that combines a 499 cc 60 kW (81.6 hp) twin-cylinder combustion engine with a 50 kW (68 hp) electric motor. In practice, the electric motor ensures journeys up to 80 km / h, before the internal combustion engine comes “to the rescue”. The latter is fed from a 10-liter tank. On the electrical side, power is provided by removable batteries designed to be replaced at Ducati dealers as needed, so the Ghost can be recharged more easily between trips.

ducati ghost

At the moment all this is far from being reality. However, the Ducati Ghost concept explores interesting and plausible roads, while respecting the visual and stylistic identity of the Borgo Panigale house It remains to be seen if one day this “complete” concept will turn into a production model.

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