Dune Spice Wars: developers reveal new details on the title

During some FAQs, the developers Shiro Games have revealed new unpublished details on Dune Spice Wars, an RTS game exclusively for PC. Let’s find out together

Announced during the past The Game Awards 2021, Dune Spice Wars will enter Early Access on the Steam platform this year. According to the latest details released by the developers on Dune Spice Wars, the title will be a mix between a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) and a classic RTS. On the occasion of a recent session of FAQ, the team unbuttoned revealing other juicy ones information on production, such as the time and the level design.

Shiro Games unveils new details on Dune Spice Wars

Based on the saga literary born from the pen of Frank Herbert, this new title set in the universe of Dune it’s somewhere between a 4X and an RTS. The game will indeed be in real time, but the pacing it will be slower than a typical RTS. In the game, there will be a lot exploration, control of the territory, economic growth, fighting, policy e espionage, in line with the complex themes of literary material. When asked about a possible comparison with Northgard, the development house’s previous title, the team ensured that everything was created from scratch for Dune Spice Wars and that the latter will also be more long-lived of the previous title of 2 The 3 times.

Dune Spice Wars: developers reveal new details on the title

Among the numerous details revealed by Shiro Games on Dune Spice Wars, that version was also added Early Acces will count 4 factions in the beginning, including the houses of the Atreides and of Harkonnen. A quinta lineage will arrive later, always during Early Access. The level design will consist of one procedurally generated map with many optional activities, such as sand worm activity and wind strength. However, there will be several locations that i fan more passionate they will recognize immediately. Finally, the team replied that a more cartoonish style was chosen and stylized to avoid making flat early and anonymous the visual impact. After all, it is a totally planet desert, and the risk of to bore the player is quite tall.

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