Dune: the costume designers explain how the stillsuit was made

D une is a film based on the written novel by Frank Herbert, encompassing the genre, fantasy, adventure and drama. With Dune 2 (Remake) the costume designers explain how the difficult stillsuit was created

The release of the film has finally been announced Dune 2. (Coming in 2022). Fans of the books were waiting for nothing else, intrigued and excited by how Denis Villeneuve, the director of the saga, may have moved on to the second chapter, given the promising start of the first.

In fact, the first chapter of the epic saga put in a good light the qualities of Villeneuve, specifically those at the visual level, and those at the optical level. To help in the great work, it was the production design and the costume designers.

Dune: the costume designers explain how the stillsuit was made

Dunes 2: plot, cast and more detailed stories

As you all already know, the plot of the film is set in 10.191, and the artifact that everyone found the most interesting of all was the Stillsuit highly efficient, a suit that human characters must wear to survive outdoors on the desert planet of Arrakis.

The costume designers Jacqueline West e Bob Morgan recently told in a short video how they approached the creation of this incredible suit, and the great challenge faced in bringing the vision of Frank Herbert, which in the novel describes it as a “micro-sandwich”.

In the film, we saw that the suit Stillsuit acts as a water filter and recycling system. The movements of the body giving it the power, in fact in the film itself, Liet-Kynes dice:

The suit will lose no more than a thimble of water

The creation of the Stillsuit was designed on the basis of these features, with pockets positioned on the arms and legs to collect the water. Jacqueline West e Bob Morgan in the video they also talk about the design and construction process of the clothes, showing the sketches. Each dress worn was in fact made with over 100 unique models.

West and Morgan, the costume designers, explain that each dress took about two weeks to be carefully tailored for everyone. It is that after the molding are completed.

They also explain the choice of colors and their trend, for example, the gray-brown of the clothes and the sand of the scarves, were inspired by the rocks and landscape of the Jordanian desert, where much of the film was shot.

To complete the great work, however, was seeing the actors wear it in the film, such as on the famous star Zendaya, (already known for her role in Spiderman, and for children in Shake it up, on Disney Channel), and by Timothée Chalamet.

Also featuring the great Jason Momoa (known as Aquaman, e Khal Drogo (in the Iron Throne) and then again Stellan Skargard (already seen in Oh mama, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Cinderella etc).

What do you think of it? Which one did you like the most? The first Dune or the remake? Let us know in the comments

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