Dying Light 2: high performance graphics on next gen

Dying Light 2: high performance graphics on next gen

New details about Dying Light sequels are popping up. With an update, the developers ensure high-performance graphics for Dying Light 2 on next gen consoles

They haven’t had any news for some time. However, today Dying Light 2 is back to being talked about. The game, currently under development, is the sequel to the famous first-person survival horror released in 2015. The first chapter had among its strengths the mixture of a classic fps and open world with a survival horror background. Today came the news that there update on the development of the second chapter. Techland this time aims at a high-performance technical sector for Dying Light 2 its next gen.

Dying Light 2 performance updates for next gen consoles

Dying Light 2 has had quite a development eventful in its pre-launch life. This is due to the various postponements as well as a serious issues encountered during development. The news was about a toxic environment, with difficulty at a managerial level, Artistic direction and human resources. Today, however, Techland updates us on the continuation of the development of the game. Although there are no big news, the study ensures in this way the fans on the continuation of the works and on the intention to bring a curated project. The news concerns several details on performance of Dying Light 2 for next gen versions.

Dying Light 2: high performance graphics on next gen

Specifically, the rendering director, Tomasz Szałkowski, confirms that on PS5 and Xbox Series X they will be present more graphics modes. These will give priority to Ray Tracing, 60 frames and finally 4K. We can therefore choose between: Quality (Ray Tracing), Performance (60 fps) e 4K. Szałkowski hasn’t added anything else other than that the team is trying hard optimize at best the next gen versions. We remember that the exit of Dying Light 2 is scheduled for this year.

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