Dying Light 2: it will take more than 500 hours to finish it all

Per completare Dying Light 2 ci vorranno più di 500 ore thumbnail

Things that take 500 hours: walk from Warsaw to Madrid and finish everything Dying Light 2. We don’t have the right shoes for walking, we prefer the second option.

Dying Light 2 will last long, too long but never long enough

A tweet from the official account of Dying Light 2 revealed that the game it will take over 500 hours to complete. But how many are 500 hours exactly? Keep in mind that a walk from Warsaw to Madrid takes approximately 534 hours. If you really don’t want to walk – with the excuse of not having the right shoes – you can take that time to dedicate yourself to the highly anticipated video game due out next month.

It must be said that the tweet has alarmed many fans, but don’t worry: the development team explained that this time estimate is based on the 100% completion of the game. For those who want to devote themselves only to the main story will be enough 70/80 ore. Waiting to start the marathon – a word chosen not by chance – necessary to finish the videogame, the Techland team, which worked on the title, has already released a series of trailers that anticipate the release. The game will feature fighting and parkour in the trees which, thanks to the special abilities of the characters, will be adrenaline-pumping and engaging.

Dying Light 2 will be officially released on February 4, 2022. In the meantime, however, the hype is so high that the title is the second most anticipated game by Steam users, preceded by Elden Ring.