Dying Light Platinum Edition: released new animated trailer for Nintendo Switch

After the announcement of the Platinum Edition of Dying Light some time ago, Techland has released a new animated trailer to celebrate the arrival of the game on Nintendo Switch, along with the official key art

The announcement by Techland of the porting of Dying Light per Nintendo Switch in version Platinum Edition (with therefore many additional contents compared to the standard edition). In fact, it seems that the Polish development studio, in addition to being working on the highly anticipated follow-up Dying Light 2, had announced during Gamescom 2021 that it had also worked on this important project. Continuing to advertise Dying Light Platinum Edition for Switch, Techland recently released a new one promotional animated trailer. Let’s see the details below.

Dying Light Platinum Edition for Switch: contents of the new animated trailer

The news of this new trailer comes to us thanks to a official press release spread in recent days. As mentioned above, it is this new and short one that has been revealed animated video trailer, along with the new one key art of the game. This time Techland has decided to start the promotional campaign by presenting the first stylized cartoon video, the trailer of the campaign, characterized by the slogan “Freedom – Parkour – Combat”. The studio invites players to join the movement “The Next Level of Freedom” (hence the name of the video) to recapture the streets of the cities.

Despite the trailer, and despite the Platinum Edition of Dying Light has already been present for several months both on all the stores of major platforms, we don’t have one exit date game specification for Nintendo Switch. Waiting to receive further updates, we just have to invite you to stay tuned on the TechGameWorld.com pages for all the most important news regarding the videogame world. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through Instant Gaming.

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