E-commerce, how to optimize for better up-selling

It is absolutely clear that using Up-selling on e-commerce sites is a perfect technique to bring the online sales site to work at full speed.

If you have a sales business, the creation of the e-commerce site it has now become an absolute necessity. It can be said that the time is ripe for the turning point to digitalization; being digital has become both a necessity and a convenience; Today buying online is no longer an alternative way either of shopping, but everyday life for many people. The direct relationship with the salesman or the test in the physical store now coexist alongside the convenience of being able to order when and where you want by analyzing the products calmly through technical data sheets and online reviews. In this case, there is nothing better than creating an e-commerce site, for a sale and a direct relationship with the customer.

Having an e-commerce site offers the ability to reach a wider audience, an audience that perhaps not being online, would never have landed on our product or service. However, buying the domain and opening your own platform does not ensure all the existing benefits, but it must have a site that is optimized and adapted with certain features that make it a truly profitable platform. You need to put in place all possible tricks that you can use to increase sales, earnings and the quality of the service offered: we are talking about up-selling and cross-selling.

Create an e – commerce site

Creating an e-commerce site is anything but simple. It is true that today you can find models to be able to create at extremely advantageous prices, and sometimes even for free. However, for those who have a business to make a profit, improvising as a technician is not the best choice.

If you want to have a really well done site, you must necessarily turn to companies specialized in this sector, because the in-depth studies that are done before being online will be determined for success.

The parameters that will be taken into consideration are different, multiple and extremely variable, it is therefore quite obvious that it is necessary to have behind a truly prepared and specialized team like that of Drinking Media; an extremely professional company that has been working for years in this sector, which by right has won its prestigious position in the field of web agencies.

As we said, there are many vestments taken into consideration, let’s see which are the main ones:

  • Customer needs
  • Customer expectations
  • Study of the reference market
  • Optimization of the reference market
  • Category of goods or services
  • Optimization based on the category of belonging
  • Study of the client and buyer
  • Customer optimization
  • Customer loyalty
  • Competitor analysis

All these parameters are what will make the e-commerce site a tool that increases the sales of your product or service and consequently the earnings.

Marketing strategies to increase flow and sales

Once the site is online, the work cannot be considered absolutely finished; having and using an e-commerce also means always keeping up with the best and most functional marketing techniques.

This can be translated into simple words: a higher earnings and greater customer loyalty, two absolutely fundamental aspects for the success of a business.

Marketing strategies are aimed precisely at this, let’s see what are the aspects that most influence and those that will be taken care of most during the creation and maintenance of an e – commerce site.

Very important aspect, it is the very first impression that the potential customer and buyer will have of us, of our product or service; having an attractive, modern web design that reflects our product category is absolutely fundamental in e-commerce.

The usable platforms are not all the same, choosing the best one for the customer is an aspect that must be taken into consideration so that it is optimized

It must be simple, fast, safe and above all reliable.

In order to have ever greater visibility, increase traffic and transform visitors into buyers

Once all aspects have been adapted, other actions to be implemented will be those specific to the sale, two in particular: up-selling e cross-selling.

Up-selling e Cross-selling

What are up-selling and cross-selling in simple terms?

They are marketing strategies that are part of and work in the so-called CMR ovvero Customer Relationship Management.

These techniques help to understand and anticipate the needs of customers, so as to be able to identify potential interested people and turn them into real buyers. Anticipating and inducing the customer’s need is one of the first marketing strategies to be applied, both in order to be the first to propose that particular good or service and because, when the customer proceeds to purchase, the road to loyalty it will be simpler and more immediate.

Up-selling and cross-selling work on this. Cross-selling is the action of proposing to the customer who has already purchased the good or service, to also purchase complementary products. Let’s take an example with fast-food; initially only the sandwich was sold, then the possibility of buying crisps and a drink in the package was introduced. This is a perfect example of cross-selling, a further purchase when the decision to buy has already been made.

Up-selling, on the other hand, is a technique that encourages the customer to buy a greater quantity of product than what he had planned to do.; how to do this? We always go back to the example of fast food; By purchasing a larger sandwich, fries and drink, you will have a greater quantity of food with a minimum surcharge lower than the standard quantity. This, therefore, encourages the buyer to buy more, spending a little more on him.

This technique translates into sales terms, with greater purchases, greater earnings, and greater customer loyalty; and this ensures a secure and constant income in the long term.

It is therefore absolutely evident that using Up-selling on e-commerce sites is a perfect technique to bring the online sales site to work at full speed, being optimized.