Fotor: graphic design and photo editing with one click!

In this article we present the Fotor app, a really useful tool for creatives (and not) who need to create graphic compositions and retouch images for a strong visual impact!

Whether you work with social media, with advertising or even in education or simply in the management of your activities, you will surely have needed to create graphic compositions to advertise an event or a product or to make a presentation more captivating. Of course it is not easy, especially if you are not a professional in the sector. However, for sporadic use, Fotor can give us a big hand. It is an application for online graphic design and photo editing that provides a suite of intuitive and easy-to-use tools to create respectable compositions! Let’s see what it allows to do.

Fotor: graphic design and photo editing with one click!

Create your poster online with Fotor …

The graphic compositions are at the basis of web design and advertising campaigns on social media. An online poster essentially contains images and phrases useful to attract people’s attention by communicating in a few seconds the values ​​and mission of your company, the characteristics of the product or even the content of a lesson. On Fotor we find lots of presets from which you can start which is the key to its format: starting with a blank sheet is always a big problem!

The presets can then be customized adding elements and new phrases. You can change size, orientation, transparency and much more. All with simple tools arranged in a much simpler and more attractive graphic interface than professional graphic design software (even a little more limited of course). Among other things, it will be possible to create a logo to brand your posts.

Fotor: graphic design and photo editing with one click!

… Or the covers of a book!

You know the dream covers that you stop to observe for a few minutes before starting to read? Now you can try to make your own! Self are you passionate about fan fiction or want to publish a manuscript on one of the many amateur platforms, the cover of your book or story is very important to attract readers and comments. Here is that Fotor can give you a big hand!

While no one can deny the pleasure of a book, we all know that today entertainment is also shifting to other media csuch as home streaming on YouTube. The thumbnail of a video has the same function as the cover of a book: attracting the attention of Internet users is a determining factor for the success of your video.

Fotor: graphic design and photo editing with one click!

Fotor per i social

Social networks are the largest aggregators of people in history. Millions and millions of people connected at the same time. But there are also millions and millions of pieces of content that flood the web every day in the form of photos, videos and posts. But how to emerge from this great mass of content? Obviously, focusing on quality. With Fotor we can create and customize our posts to capture people’s attention.

I template they cover all the contents of the main social networks, from Instagram stories to Facebook page covers, through Twitter and many others. By now on social networks visual communication dominates, which is more direct and easily usable. Furthermore, with a good post you can communicate the message you want to get across effectively and immediately.

Fotor: graphic design and photo editing with one click!

Try it!

Since it is possible try the features of Fotor even for free, we also recommend that you try. Trying to create a graphic composition can be fun and even rewarding. You may find that you are great artists, with a little help from Fotor. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

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