E-commerce revolution by Studio Samo: to learn how to sell online

E-commerce revolution by Studio Samo: to learn how to sell online

The E-commerce Revolution training course aims to provide comprehensive training on all these aspects

Studio Only, leader of the digital marketing in Italy, it has once again been able to grasp the most important signs of what appears to be a significant process that has been affecting the last few months. These are the opportunities offered by selling online. Recent surveys in this regard have highlighted that, during last year’s lockdown, many companies that manage an e-commerce have been able to encounter a moment of growth of their business.

A specific need therefore emerges, which is to reflect on how all this has been possible and on how online sales have now become the reference point for many web users. A phenomenon that deserves to be analyzed and examined in all its many facets, given the fact that there are also the conditions for it to strengthen in the near future.

Studio Samo launches the E-commerce Revolution

To reflect on this important development, Studio Samo has launched E-commerce Revolution, a full course based on e-commerce, which gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to sell online. It is a training course designed entirely by the experts of Studio Samo, focused on 72 ore and structured in 8 moduli.

During the training, even the most practical aspects concerning e-commerce will be taken into consideration. Those who want to follow this training course have a specific appointment, which is that of interactive live streaming with Zoom for four weekends during the month of May this year.

The appointment is aimed both at companies, who want to know more about how online sales work, and at individuals who want to have more opportunities for job placement, specializing in the profile of e-commerce manager.

Today this figure has become indispensable. It is no coincidence that it is among the most requested and best paid professional profiles in the field of digital marketing. Studio Samo, which now deals with in-company and online training for more than 15 years, knows very well how important it is to give the possibility of professional growth, focusing on all the most important tools of digital marketing.

The training agency we are talking about, thanks to its services and consultancy, focuses on more than 5,000 customers every year and has now managed to win over 20,000 trainees.

Now it is back with a MasterClass dedicated to the world of e-commerce, riding the wave of what is a trail of growth that has recently been reaching incredible peaks.

The statements of Jacopo Matteuzzi

The statement by Jacopo Matteuzzi, Chairman of Studio Samo. Matteuzzi points out that 2020, with the raging health emergency and with the lockdown that has reached quite a long time, many companies that have focused exclusively on offline have seen a drop in consumption and therefore a drop in revenue.

However, companies that have instead relied on online sales say they have found an important one increase in business. A survey that was carried out recently managed to highlight that 51% of the companies interviewed saw their revenues double thanks to e-commerce.

From a commercial point of view we are experiencing a particularly difficult moment, but certainly the numbers of the surveys that have been made about the success of e-commerce give hope for a better future, which can be focused on developing the potential of the web with regard to online sales.

However, not everyone knows what are the best strategies to apply in running an e-commerce. Not everyone knows even the most practical aspects. For this reason, the E-commerce Revolution training course aims to provide complete training on all these aspects.