E3 2021: PC Gaming Show time confirmed!

The time in which the PC Gaming Show will be held has finally been announced and confirmed, the conference will enrich an already appetizing dish: E3 2021

E3 2021 is coming and with it the PC Gaming Show, of which it was announced the time after confirming, in recent days, the data What will be: Sunday 13 June. The conference will take place exactly after the two conferences of Xbox/Bethesda e di Square Enix. If you want to know the entire line up and the complete calendar of all the main conferences that will be held during E3 2021, please click here and take a look at our dedicated article.

E3 2021: time confirmed for the PC Gaming Show … it will be night!

The PC Gaming Show start time for this E3 2021 has been set for 11:30 pm, exactly after the end of what will be Square Enix Presents. A conference that, for us Europeans, will force us to stay late (but not that long). Many news are also expected with regard to this event dedicated to the PC market and, mainly, to all PC gamers. Some confirmation seems to have already arrived, we know that we will be able to take a look at titles such as: Dying Light 2, Hello Neighbor 2 and Humankind.

An important statement from Valve is also expected on what concerns the Steam ecosystem which, at this point and according to forecasts, could represent one of the most important announcements and information of the whole PC Gaming Show 2021. We certainly look forward to discovering more news and, why not, collect some leaks, rumors, or anticipations on what will be shown during the conference.

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