E3 2022: the online event may be canceled

Journalist Jeff Grubb has revealed how E3 2022 could jump again this year, not even presenting itself in its digital format with online conferences

E3 has been experiencing for several years a crisis that seems to find no way out. This is mainly due to how the major video game houses and companies in the industry have decided to withdraw from the show, preferring to hold their own events independently. In fact, let’s think of Nintendo, which now presents the most important news in several months through its Direct, or even how in 2019 PlayStation has completely detached itself from E3, preferring its State of Play and PlayStation Showcase. Microsoft is not to be overlooked either, although it still participates in these shows, it certainly does not shy away from giving its own conferences for the most important information. E3 has now lost its relevance, and now a new rumor would appear the total cancellation of the conference of 2022, also in its digital online version.

Final farewell to E3 online in 2022, and maybe even future ones?

E3 has always been one of the most coveted moments by the players, guarantor every summer of a wave of announcements able to exalt the videogame communities, which led to spend the night strictly in white waiting anxiously for the most important news in the industry. With the hope of innovative new games, the return of iconic series, and surprises regarding the new technologies developed by the companies, the atmosphere of E3 was something special, at least in the beginning. As of today, all of that remains just a memory, and as for this year’s online show, the news provided by journalist Jeff Grubb is not the most positive, given that after the decision to make presentations through online platforms, it seems that ESA is on the verge of canceling the online version of E3 2022 as well.

E3 2022: the online event may be canceled

The reporter puts forward this possibility in a YouTube video, and yes it would be the third year in a row without a proper E3. In fact, in 2020 the event was canceled due to the pandemic that began to spread around the globe, and then held online in 2021. with somewhat unsuccessful results, caused by confusing programming posted on the official website, and not very cohesive announcements. I mean, if you keep the same type of E3 again, for sure it would not be difficult to expect a flop similar to the previous one.

Furthermore, we cannot avoid thinking that the total elimination of E3 may be more than imminent, considering how the constant presence and spread of COVID-19 has significantly contributed to a radical (and perhaps definitive) shift towards virtual stages by videogame studios and publishers. And while Gamescom and TGAs still remain, it’s still a very sad loss for a historic conference like E3.

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