EA Play Live 2021: here is the live conference!

Also this year we are ready to follow the EA Play Live 2021 live. Let’s find out together everything that this conference has in store for us with the official player of the event

After E3 and the State of Play branded Sony, now it is up to Electronic Arts and his EA Play Live 2021, of which we will follow together the direct with the official player of the YouTube channel of the same company based in Redwood. But before we dive into the actual conference, let’s get some clarity and talk about what we might see and what we will hear about during this event.

EA Play Live 2021 in diretta!

Before moving on to the official player with the live broadcast of EA Play Live 2021 let’s go and clarify a bit what, in all likelihood, will be the titles we will find out more about. Starting with the potential remake of Dead Space, much talked about in the the last few weeks, passing through the classic FIFA to then end with the upcoming news regarding Apex Legends and the next season of the free to play title by EA and Respawn. We know for sure that we will have no relative news in Mass Effect, as well as for Dragon Age. The space dedicated to indie titles.

At the end of the event let us know what you think of what was presented and let us know, with a comment in the appropriate section, if you were expecting something more or if, basically, you can hold yourself back satisfied than seen. Stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com to be constantly updated on all the news about this EA Play Live 2021 and not only.

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