EA Play Live: There will be no Mass Effect and Dragon Age

At the EA Play Live at the end of the month there will be no updates regarding the Mass Effect or Dragon Age franchises: this news was given by the team that signed both sagas, or the Canadian software house BioWare

The announcement regarding non-attendance at the event EA Play Live di Mass Effect e Dragon Age came via Bioware’s official Twitter account. According to the few words of the post published on the latter, in fact, the team would currently be working on both franchises and, for this reason, it would seem to have no actual news to show. The choice of do not submit nothing on this occasion could therefore be due to the desire of the software house to have more defined and precise information to provide regarding such highly anticipated videogame series.

EA Play Live: niente Mass Effect e Dragon Age

The news came via BioWare’s Twitter account regarding the absence at the event EA Play Live of sagas like Mass Effect e Dragon Age will disappoint the fans of the latter, who had probably hoped for the event to receive updates on the latest news and upcoming chapters. Such a decision could simply be due to the team’s desire to avoid just showing again generic CG trailers or sequels yet without definitive titles, in an attempt to use the time available to create content capable of satisfying the fans of the two series.

EA Play Live: There will be no Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Despite this lack of news regarding the two sagas previously reported and the absence of BioWare at the EA event at the end of the month, the software house will not remain silent for long: the team has in fact announced the arrival, during the year, of new MMO content for the MMORPG dating back to 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic. As for the sagas of Mass Effect e Dragon Age instead all that remains is to wait for further news.

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