XIDU PhilPort: the usb hub for modern laptops

XIDU PhilPort is a USB hub that allows you to expand the connectivity of modern laptops that are becoming increasingly compact and thin, giving up connections such as HDMI

Back in the day, laptops had a lot of connectors and ports. However, modern laptops today tend to be slimmed down to achieve a low weight and take up less space with consequent omission of ports such as USB-A ports, HDMI output, charging through USB Type C port and data transfer. This is why USB hubs are becoming more and more popular.

XIDU PhilPort: the usb hub for modern laptops

XIDU PhilPort: a multifunctional USB hub

Unlike other boring external hubs, this USB-C multifunction hub combines design and technology. As always following the “XIDU” style, PhilPort offers two color choices, Royal blue e Rose Pink, with striking glass surfaces. The charging port (which can transmit up at 100 W of power) is especially useful if your device has only one USB-C port. In fact, thanks to XIDU PhilPort it will be possible reload and transmit data through a single port.

XIDU PhilPort: the usb hub for modern laptops

Like many hubs, PhilPort features a short length integrated cable to reduce bulk that has been sheathed with a nylon braided cable. An extra layer of protection has been added to both ends to improve durability and reduce fraying. This advanced cable is designed for withstand more than 20,000 90 degree bends for 5 times longer life expectancy than that of an average USB hub. PhilPort is compact in size and weight, making it perfect as a travel accessory. The be USB-A port they also provide enough space to add a mouse, keyboard, and more. We will also be able to connect a 4K UHD monitor via the port HDMI con 4K 30Hz. XIDU PhilPort uses only one port on the laptop and adds many more connections, taking advantage of the high bandwidth of modern laptop USB C ports. Right now, PhilPort is available at the Amazon IT XIDU store for only 46,99 euro, don’t miss this chance to get such an interesting hub!

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